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Highway Board 1882

Wellingborough News, 18th November 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Irthlingborough Highway Board - An ordinary meeting of this Board took place on Wednesday, when there were present Mr. J. W. Watts (in the chair), the Rev. Canon Barker, and Messrs. Wykes, Turnell, Everett, Coales, Walker, Thompson, Woolston, Newett, and Nunnely.

The Floods at Bozeat
The committee appointed at the last meeting reported that they had visited Bozeat, and were of opinion that if a three-foot culvert were laid from the top of the village to the main culvert in place of the present two-feet culvert floods would very seldom arise. They fortunately saw Mr. Revis, and that gentleman agreed to give £10 in money or bricks. They (the Committee), promised on behalf of the Authority to give a like amount, and Mr. Drage agreed that if these amounts were given, he would obtain the remainder, and the parish would carry out the work. The Chairman said that since the committee had seen Mr. Revis he had sent a letter to say that he should only give the £10 conditionally on the Board repairing a culvert on his land at Spring Gardens farm. This not being part of the agreement it was resolved to inform Mr. Revis that the Board confirm the action of the committee in promising to give £10, and hold him to his promise to give a like amount. The authority considered the question he now raised as totally distinct, but they would have inquires made, and if they found the culvert belonged to the parish the necessary repairs should be carried out.

Stanwick Watercourse
A letter was read from Mr. Beasley respecting the Stanwick water course, expressing his readiness to open the course for a short distance, but he did not think that would be a remedy. He further offered to share the cost with the Board of cleaning out the brook.—The Clerk was instructed to thank Mr. Beasley for his liberal offer in regard to cleaning out the brook, but they did not admit their liability in that particular. They accepted his offer to open a portion of the watercourse, and hoped that would remedy the evil complained of.

Obstruction at Higham
A letter was read from Mr. C. A. Darby, complaining that the footpath on both sides of the road at Higham Ferrers had been stopped up, to the detriment of the public convenience.—Mr. Thompson explained that in consequence of the fire, and the building operations, the footways had been temporarily blocked. They were doing all they could to remedy the matter complained of.—The Chairman said that under no circumstances could the footway on both sides be allowed to be blocked.—Mr. Wykes said Mr. Thompson had better apologise and promise to do better in the future. (Laughter) —The Chairman thought Mr. Wykes's plan would be the best to adopt; but Mr. Thompson said he had not done wrong and could not apologise. Subsequently, however, he said if it would end the difficulty he would express his regret, and do what he could in the future to avoid any further cause of complaint.

Surface Water at Rushden
The Chairman read a letter from Mr. William Forscutt, of Rushden, complaining of injury caused in a part of the village from the overflow of surface water, and asking the Board to take some steps to remedy the inconvenience.—Canon Barker said he was sorry he was not at the last meeting of the Board, as he thought the matter had been misunder¬stood. The Parochial Committee had really made an advantageous offer in agreeing to find the pipes if the Board would lay them down. It seemed, however, that the Authority regarded the matter as a sanitary one, and refused to have anything to do with it. This being so, the committee withdrew its offer and left the Authority to deal with the water themselves. The Surveyor said the evil complained of was a serious one, and the roads were very much washed. The Chairman said it was clear the Authority had misapprehended the matter at the last meeting. Perhaps it would be the best plan to ask the Parochial Committee to renew its offer.—Canon Barker thought that probably the Committee would agree to find the pipes.—The matter was according referred to the Parochial Committee for consideration.

The Midland Railway Station at Irchester
The Surveyor called the attention of the Board to the fact that the Midland Railway Company were building the railway station at Irchester on the bridge, and this he considered would be an obstruction. He had written to the company on the subject, and had received a reply to the effect that the road would be 30 ft. wide, and they proposed to set the booking office back 6ft., giving a total width of 36ft.—Mr. Turnell said he had seen the place alluded to. He thought it would be much better for the public than at present, and would be a grand improvement.—The Rev. Canon Barker thought the Company should provide a space where carriages could stand without coming on to the public road. After some further discussion, Mr. Coales proposed, and the Rev. Canon Barker seconded, that a letter be sent to the Company by the Clerk, asking them to consider the question of giving more space for vehicles on their own ground.

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