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Many postcards have been used elsewhere on our website;
but some of these we think have not yet been used.

Hobnail boots postcard
Hobnail boots - Rushden was noted for its boot making

Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th November 1958

More than half a century has passed since a photographer secured this dinner-hour picture of Rushden High Street on a sunny summer’s day, but one has to look closely before appreciating the extent to which the street had changed. The most obvious changes are in the people and the carriageway. In the old days, boot workers sauntered along in caps, mufflers and aprons. Many of them, along with school children and the woman with the pram, ambled easily in the middle of the road with never a fear that some motor-propelled vehicle would come along to scatter them. The pavements were high, but the general outline of the buildings was surprisingly similar to that of today. Looking closely, however, we observe the good repair of Succoth Chapel (not so good nowadays) and the jutting-out wall of The Cottage, with large overhanging trees.

The postcard - one of our team has it in their collection!
c1904 Published by E Hewitt

Church interior
Cottages near Wheatsheaf
Postcard by S Powell, published by J C Jowett, printer of Rushden
A hand coloured version of the postcard below
Cottages near Wheatsheaf
Cottages near Wheatsheaf
1908 postcard Church, Wheatsheaf and Cottages
One of the cottages was home for a curate
A similar view c1905
A plaque on the cottage far right is "Ellis & Everard's Coal & Coke"

north end of High Street Robinson's & Ward's
High Street - north end c1910
Robinson's (left) and Ward's (right) c1900
High St South & Griffith St junction
High Street South and Griffith Street junction c1900
c1910 - Denton's factory (left), Neville's and Palace (right)

c1905 c1940 c1910
c1940 looking north to Birch's Bus Garage
c1908 before High Street was widened

1950s 1980s
a similar view in the 1980s

1905 central High St c1914
Central High Street about 1905 before the road was widened
Central High Street by C F Chapman
The shops left - Eaton's & Page & Ladds c1914

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