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Rates - news & notes

Northampton Mercury, March 16th 1861, transcribed by Susan Manton

Mr. B. Denton was summoned by Mr. T. Packwood, rate collector, of Rushden Parish, for non-payment of 11s 8d poor-rate. Defendant said he had been charged in the rate 14s, which was too much. The complainant admitted there was an error of 2s 4d in the account. Defendant was ordered to pay 11s 8d, the complainant to pay costs on account of the charge not being laid correctly.

Northampton Mercury, June 28th 1862, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden - T. Packwood, rate collector applied for a distress warrant against Wm. Adcock, for non-payment of £1 1s 9d for poor rates. Grants granted.

Mr. W. Murphy made application, as trustee for the Higham Ferrers turnpike roads, of £15 per mile. Mr. J. Gross, on the part of the parishioners of Rushden, opposed the application on the ground that the sum granted was greater than the parish could afford. The opposition was, however, overruled, and the following sums were granted for the repairs of the roads in the respective villages. Higham Ferrers £22 10s; Rushden £60; Irthlingborough £26 5s; Finedon £22 10s; Chelveston £3 15s.

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