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Rushden Echo & Argus, 3rd March 1939, transcribed by Kay Collins
Five Inches of Egg
Hen’s Achievement on Rushden Poultry Farm

Had an ostrich strayed from Whipsnade or had the pterodactyl returned to earth once more?

Both of these possibilities must have occurred to a Rushden lady who, going for a walk over Mr. W. Robins’s chicken farm in Spinney Field, Rushden, on Thursday, came across a huge egg lying in the grass. Measured at the ‘Echo and Argus’ Office, this egg was five inches long and three inches broad and weighed over three-quarters of a pound.

Although none of Mr. Robins’s 700 hens appeared to have a guilty expression on its face, the none-too-proud White Leghorn mother was eventually identified. Her husband is undecided whether to sulk or to swank.

“I have had plenty of double-yolked eggs, but never one like this”, said Mr. Robins when shown the monster.

Stop Press: Mother getting on nicely, but father has taken to drink.

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