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Sale of Shorthorns

Wellingborough News, 18th May 1878, transcribed by Kay Collins

SALE OF SHORTHORNSBreeders of stock will know by the News that an important sale of Shorthorns will take place on the 31st inst., at Rushden Hall. Shorthorns have been kept at Rushden Hall since the year 1844; in 1861 the bulk of the herd was sold off, and the present herd dates from that period. It now consists of three strains of blood— the Bates, the Princess, and the Knightly. Two tribes represent the first-named strain; they are the well-known Waterloo and Surmise, both among the purest of their kind; the former was obtained from the celebrated herd of Mr. D. Mclntosh, of Havering Park, and the latter from Sir Curtis Lampson and Mr. J. P. Foster, of Killhow. These have since been crossed with the best Duchess bulls in the kingdom. The Gwynnes and Js are of the Princess blood, and amongst them are some very fine animals, the Gwynnes being bred from a daughter of Mr. Chas. Howard's grand cow Faustina Gwynn. The Knightley blood is the best of its kind, and contains both the Charmer and Sweetheart branches (obtained at North Firth 1864, and at Milcote, 1868) of the Sylph tribe, and the Rosy and Primrose families from Fawsley Park. The Rosys are of the very highest blood, having been crossed with Bates for generations. Among them are several defendants of that fine old cow Polythorn, lot 1, by the Fourth Duke of Thorndale, from Sir Chas. Knightley’s favourite cow Polytint, by Earl of Dublin. There are also a few animals of the Revelry tribe (well known at Dunmore), acquired recently from the late Mr. Longland, of Grendon. In 1864 that celebrated sire Twelfth Duke of Oxford 19633, bought at the Holker sale, was brought into the district and used. Duke of Kingscote’s, 25981, by Seventh Duke of York from Roguish Eyes, was privately purchased from Col. Kingscote's large herd in Gloucestershire. Baron Oxford 5th 27958 was next hired for two seasons from Holker. Lord York Fawsley, 34709, lot 44, by that admirable sire Seventh Duke of York, from Polythorn, by Fourth Duke of Thorndale, was used and is still in service in his seventh year. This very fine bull has imparted to the stock some of the finest qualities of the Duchess and Knightley blood. Cows have also been sent to several of the leading sires in the kingdom, viz.,Mr. Bowly’s Third Duke of Clarence 23727, Mr. Cheney’s Ninth Duke of Geneva, 28391, Mr. Oliver’s Grand Dukes 7th 19877, 21st 34061, and 23rd 34063, and to Wild Eyes Duke 36007, Grand Duke of Waterloo 28766, and Grand Duke of Morcambes 36722 at Kimbolton Castle. The herd thus bred contains many remarkably fine animals, and the richa colours, fine hair and uality, and character of the heifers are particularly striking. They are principally in calf to Earl of Leicester 7th 33806, by Ninth Duke of Geneva from Primula of the Princess tribe, and to Lord Clarence Waterloo 36926 by Mr. Bowly's Third Duke of Clarence from Duchess of Waterloo; the latter bull as well as that splendidly-bred sire Lord York Fawsley, are both included in the sale, which will take place at Rushden Hall, two miles from Irchester Station, three from Higham Ferrers on the London and North Western Railway, and four from Wellingborough (North Western Station), and five from the Midland Station at Wellingborough.

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