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Sales 1923

Rushden Echo, 22nd June 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

Household Furniture
Quantity Assorted Timber, Set of Harness
Garden Tools, and other effects

To be sold by Auction by
John S. Mason

On Monday 25th June 1923, by order of Mr. Alfred Packwood, who is removing from the district, including:-

Walnut wood dining-room Suite of Couch, 2 Easy and 4 small Chairs in Velvet, Music Stool, Occasional Bamboo Tables, Carpets, Linoleum, Hearthrugs, Copper Curb, Brass Curb, 2 Deal Tables, Windsor and other Chairs, Books, Music, 2 Iron Fenders, Slate Mantelpiece, Single iron Ward Bedstead, Wool Overlay, Bolster and Pillow, Enamelled Washstand, Chamber Ware, Towel Airer, Mangle, Silver-plated Quart Tankard, 2 Zinc Baths, Sundry Tea and Dinner Ware, Kilner’s Fruit Preserving Jars, Gas Pendants, Plate Basket, Plate and Cutlery, Folding Garden Table and Form, Deck Chair, Doll’s Pram and Barrow, &c.

A 5 ton Lifting Jack, Drilling Machine with Chuck and Twist Drills, pair 5-in. Jaw Leg Vice, Deal Bench, Deal Cupboard, Carpenter’s Bench with Vice, quantity of Assorted Timber, 10 10ft. x 2ft. 9in. Corrugated Iron Sheets, Chains, Ironwork, old Rubber Tyres with Steel Rims, Cross-cut Saw, Felling Axe, 15-round Ladder, 20 round Ladder, Wheelbarrows, Fire Bucket, Root Pulper, Garden Tools, Scrap Iron and other effects.

Quantity Pitch and Fire Bricquettes, 12 head young Poultry.

Sale to commence at 1.30 o’clock prompt.

N.B. The Furniture will be removed for Sale to Garage, No. 50 Park-road, Rushden.

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