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Sartoris Road

Skerritt's factory
The factory built for George Skerritt
The road took its name from the Sartoris family who lived at Rushden Hall from 1842 until 1929.

Laid out in the 1890s, and one of the first buildings was a shoe factory for Mr Skerritt, who left in 1909. Houses were then built alongside for the workers.

Several firms moved in for short periods before WWI:
J Ellard, Amos Cave, Duncan & Davison.

Cabinet maker, John Mayo had his house and yard at the western end of the street, next the rear of the large Eaton's factory in Irchester road.

John Mayo came to Rushden in 1897, with his wife Hannah, 4 sons and 2 daughters, from Bedford and was working as a cabinet maker. Soon after they arrived another son was added to the family. They lived at 65 Sartoris Road, and the two eldest boys worked with their father. 65 Sartoris Road
The Mayo family left in 1912 and W W Chamberlain took over the premises and traded as curriers, leather dressers, heel and stiffener makers. In 1974 Ashford and Campion moved into the factory.
The small unit on the right was occupied in 1910/1914 by Swannell and Turlington, carpenters and joiners, Machine Joinery Works. By the end of the Great War they had gone. The building was owned by George Denton before 1907.
This small area was cleared in 2014 and housing has now been built on the site.

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