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Rushden Echo, Friday, August 15th, 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins.
News Snippets - August 1919

This newspaper was loaned to us and there were several interesting items!
These are the shorter articles but click on the links for several more elsewhere.

Holiday Crowds returning home reached Rushden in large numbers last Friday, and by Saturday most of those who went to the seaside were back again. A train from Yarmouth on Saturday came right through to Irthlingborough L. and N.W. Station without the trippers having to change. Not a few people decided, where they were given the chance, to remain at the seaside until Monday in view of the splendid weather. We understand that at Yarmouth the tradespeople and others prepared to cater for 100,000 visitors, and that of that number 70,000 were estimated to be in the town during Bank holiday week.

Dangerous CornerIn view of the number of minor accidents that have happened and the possibility of fatal ones at the bottom of Queen-street, the police authorities have decided to have a policeman on duty at that point immediately before until just after the dinner hour, and again when factories close in the evening. With an official to direct the traffic, accidents at this dangerous corner cannot happen except through carelessness on the part of the riders of various vehicles.

Heat WaveShade temperatures during the past week have varied at the hottest part of each day only between 75 and 80 degrees, the latter point being reached on Sunday and Tuesday.

Missing RelativeIf this should meet the eye of Mr. Albert Ernest Burbridge, aged about 34, formerly living with an aunt near Rushden Church, he is asked to communicate with Mr. J. Wood, 118, Wellingborough-road, Rushden, respecting a relative. Mr. Burbridge was at one time in the service of the Dowager Countess of Lonsdale, at Cottesmore Hall, Oakham. Mr. Wood requests the favour of information from anyone who can give Mr. Burbridge's present whereabouts.
Belgian Salvationist's FutureIn honour of the return to Rushden of Miss Louie Biefnot after a visit to her parents in Belgium, and also to welcome back home Songster-Leader Jack Dix, demobilised after 3½ years' service in the Navy, a "welcome home" meeting was held on Sunday evening at the Salvation Army Barracks. Suitable selections were given by the band. Miss Biefnot will shortly go to a Salvation Army Training College to train as an officer.

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