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Article by Paul Wright, 2016, updated 2018
Station Road - redevelopment

Closure of Hunt's
The former family run Rushden printing business of Stanley L Hunt has sadly ceased trading; the printing presses finally stopped running at the end of December 2015.

After several generations of the Hunt family being at the helm, the business has now closed. The yard is all locked up, and the well known company vehicles are parked up for the last time. They re-located to Midland Road, Rushden in 1974. It was a highly respected local firm that had a solid & reliable workforce.

the yard and vans closed

The final chapter was nearing completion at the former Rushden HQ of Hunts the Printers; the factory area was being demolished during some extremely hot weather in April 2018.

So much so that one of the contractors was taken poorly during the record breaking high temperatures for April in this neck of the woods, as we felt the heat of 28C.

Before Hunts moved in in 1974, the building was used by the "British United" (B.U.) shoe machinery company. They had been in the town for nearly one hundred years, during which time boot and shoe manufacturing was at its height.

Stanley L Hunt (printers) shut down at the end of 2015, after being in Midland Road for forty one years.

The frontage is now a listed building so it will live on as part of the planned usage for apartments.

As you can see in some of the shots the bricks had been cleaned, and were stacked in neat piles.

I was kindly granted permission to take some of the shots of the old yard. With all of the work going on it was pretty dusty in the wind that was blowing, but three hours later we had a thunder storm, with very heavy rain yet again.

the site at work
piles of bricks one corner
the last part metal

December 2018

Stanley Hunt Court

The office building now converted to flats, and additional buildings have been erected on the cleared part of the site.

Three houses have been built facing the road.

At the back a large addition to the main building.

Car parking is behind.

Stanley Hunt Court
The new addition
Photo courtesy of Mervyn Wood

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