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Tip - Northampton Road

The Rushden Echo, 8th November 1968, transcribed by Jim Hollis

New Civic Tip Comes Under Fire

Rushden Urban Council’s newly introduced civic amenities rubbish tip on the Northampton Road has already come in for some major criticism. In fact it has been described as a major health risk.

The criticism comes from Mr. George Wright, who lives on the Northampton Road, and there seems little doubt that over the last two weeks the tip has been in a bad state.

This was immediately admitted by the chairman of the public health committee, Mr. H. W. Catlin, and the Rushden council surveyor, Mr. G. D. Evelyn.

However, they both told the “Echo” that this had been brought to their attention and immediate steps were being taken to improve the position.

In fact the “Echo” contacted Mr. Catlin and Mr. Evelyn on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the tip was cleared.

Mr. Wright said the condition prior to the clearing was disgusting.

“People talk about the smells in the area causing a health risk, but this is even greater. I saw two rats as big as rabbits come from the tip with something in their mouths. Rats are a very serious health menace.

“Not only that, during the night several people go into the tip and scavenge for stuff,” he said. “Whoever was responsible for this tip wants his head testing,” he declared.

Free Service

Tip in 1968Mr. Evelyn said that the civic tip was provided on the directions of the Government. It was an area where people could dispose of rubbish which the council could not collect – basically building rubbish and garden rubbish.

“We do provide a free service on a Saturday for people, who give us advance notice, with various pieces of furniture and other household equipment to be disposed of,” he said.

“We have found that the tip on the Northampton Road has been misused. Basically it should only be used for garden rubbish.

“There have been difficulties in obtaining plant machinery to place the rubbish on to lorries. It is then taken to our Finedon pit.”

Mr. Evelyn added that the tip would be cleared on Wednesday and that it was planned to have it cleared once a week – probably on Mondays.

“We find most people place their rubbish there at the weekends so we want to clear it early in the week,” he said.


Mr. Catlin said there had been complaints and the council had decided to place a concrete base and wall at the tip to improve the position. Planning permission for this work was being waited for.

He admitted that he had visited the tip within the last few days and it had been in a bad state.

“But we plan to take immediate action and the whole matter will be discussed at our next committee meeting,” he said.

“I think a tip of this nature is justified. We have found it has been used more than anticipated, which shows it was needed. In the past it meant people had nowhere to get rid of this type of refuse, and it usually ended up in a ditch or in the country.

“It also means people need not leave rubbish near the town’s open brook, one of the things which might have caused the flooding earlier this year,” he said.

work starts
new roadway
Tip 2014 - Article & pictures by Paul Wright

The Rushden Re-cycling Centre in Northampton Road was closed for about 20 weeks as contractors Fitzgerald completed a major site improvement.
The good news was that the work was all completed ahead of schedule, and operations were back in action the week commencing  the 19th May, 2014.
The timing was perfect as the bank holiday is just around the corner, and no doubt the facility will be put through its paces over the following weekend.
in use
new layout bins

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