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Jim Hollis, 2008
Views from St. Mary's Church

In April 2008, whilst working in St. Mary’s Church, I asked the churchwardens if it would be possible for me to go up the church tower and take some photographs for the "Hearts and Soles" Project. They agreed, and so on April 25th I was taken up the tower by Mr. Alan Marks. There are 66 steps up to the first landing (one for every book in the bible) where the clock mechanism is, and where you can look down on the bells, and then up a ladder to a second landing, before ascending another short ladder and out on to the parapet. I was fortunate with the weather, it wasn’t raining which for 2008 was a miracle, and although it was quite bright it wasn’t sunny so I was able to take photographs all round, giving a view over the whole town. An experience which I very much enjoyed.
St Mary's in 1905
Jim Hollis

1960s Views from the Tower
Local photographer Arthur George took the oportunity, in the 1960s, when scaffolding was erected at St Mary's church, to go aloft and take a series of photographs from the tower. [photos copied by kind persmission of Clive Wood]

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