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1880s map
1880s Map showing the Windmill, Skue Bridge, The Moors with Osier Bed, and Hay Way

The Domesday Book in 1086 recorded in Rushden: There was a mill at 10 shillings and a meadow of 30 acres.

About 1885 the Mill that stood in Windmill Road area was demolished, and some of the wood used to make a staircase and porch at 10 Church Street.

No 10 Church Street - Oak Lodge - built about 1885

Extract from a 1951 newsclip: “In another two years the house in Church Street, Oak Lodge – with its staircase and porch made from the oak from the Windmill mentioned in Domesdaye Book – was in the market, and father bought that and across the drive erected a retail shop with a workshop behind.

The mill house survived and in 1894 a Working Men's Club was opened in the premises. Four years later they built a new club on the site and has an impression of a windmill in the date stone:

The old mill house.
The old mill house

Windmill club datestone
The Old Windmill Club built in 1898

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