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Old Workhouse

Extract from diary notes of Ebenezer Knight:

Old Schoolroom & Packwood’s House
1869 October 26th. Commissioners came to enquire about the Old School & Packwood’s House. (This School was the old Workhouse and Packwood’s (Joseph) House was in front of Poor House close to the street. I still have a photograph of it which I bought soon after I came to Rushden in 1875. J. E. Smith). (This present 1927, Vestry Hall built on site of Old School, nr Poor House).
Note: If anyone has a copy of such a photograph, we'd be thrilled to take a copy please.

Extract from a note book of J E Smith NRO Ref: 285P/300 - taken from a locally held photocopy

Old Workhouse & School
1861 March 10th. King Edward’s Wedding day. Mrs Sharp of Queen St who keeps our Curates, or rather where they live, told me on Saturday, June 23rd, 1928 that she remembered the Church people having a holiday on March 10th, 1861 (King’s Wedding day) in the old School which was the ‘Workhouse’ & Rev. G. E. Downe, the Rector, was there. Mrs Sharp was 4 years old but had not forgotten it, she is 70 now (1928). The National School was not built till 1870.

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