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Notes taken from a large document “Abstract of Title of the Trustees of George Bayes deceased”  dated Dec. 1950
Eight Houses
Originally known as Sartoris' Cottages

The 8 houses (red) on the Bedford Road, where the road narrowed, were between the Jubilee Park and the allotment grounds.

The road way into Kingsmead Park (black) joins to the footpath to Wymington.

This plan shows the long narrow gardens, of just over a quarter of an acre, that each houses had.

The eight houses in Bedford Road

From the “Abstract of Title" of the Trustees of George Bayes deceased 

For freehold properties known as nos 1-8 Bedford Road, Rushden (8 houses).

15th October 1929 Conveyance from Caroline Mary Sartoris of Weekley nr Kettering widow & Arthur Hugh Sartoris of Rushden Hall JP (vendors) to John Todd of Mill Hill Brompton nr North Allerton, York (purchaser) £25,000.00 (excepting mineral rights & right of way).
Covenant by the purchaser with vendors to erect and forever thereafter maintain suitable fence on NW side of field no'd 46 on plan, in accordance with covenant entered into by vendors in conveyance dated 24th March 1926 made between vendors and Rushden Permanent Allotment & Smallholdings Society Ltd.

24th Oct 1896 Will of Herbert Sartoris whereof he appointed vendors & his cousin L Sartoris Execs & Trustees and testator directed Trustees to sell all his freehold and copyhold hereditaments and to stand possessed of proceeds of such sale upon Trusts therein mentioned

A boot scraper rescued from the one of the houses prior to demolition, now fixed
to a washing line post
is still in service.
30th Aug 1900 Said Herbert Sartoris died

18th Sep 1900 Probabte of will of Herbert Sartoris granted out of Papal Probate Registry

13th Jun 1906 Deed Poll – L Sartoris disclaimed Trusteeship of will of H Sartois dec’d

4th May 1907 Admission of vendors to such portion of properties specified as were copyhold of the Manor of Rushden

16th Aug 1923 Deed of appointment whereby A H Sartoris retired from Trusteeship of will of H Sartois dec’d and said L Sartoris & H S Brenton were appointed Trustees in place of A H Sartoris and jointly with C M Sartoris

17th Aug 1923 Deed of appointment whereby said H S Brenton retired from Trusteeship and A H Sartoris was appointed Trustee of said will in place of H S Brenton & jointly with C M Sartoris & L Sartoris.

16th Mar 1929 Agreement for extinguishments of Manorial Incidents saved by part 5 of Law of Property Act. 1922 in respect of such portion of property specified in 2nd Sch. As was formerly copyhold of Manor of Rushden.

16th Mar 1929 Acknowledgement endorsed on last mentioned agreement whereby C E Woolston as such Steward acknowledged to have rec’d all the compensation money payable under last said compensation agreement.

5th Aug 1929 Said Leonard Sartoris died

Second Schedule description

Lot no 7 on plan  Land in occupation of Mr. T A Smith  (4.123acres)

Lot no 8 on plan being 8 cottages & gardens situated in Bedford Road with land adjoining in respective occupations of Mrs Green, Mrs Twelvetree, Messrs Herbert Freeman, Arthur Tiney, T A Smith, Harry Green, Mrs Glidle & Miss Hanger and land adjoining occupied as allotment gardens in occupation of Rushden Permanent Allotment & Smallholdings Society Ltd (11.962 acres)

8th Feb 1932 another part of this bundle

First Schedule

No’d on plan 36-43 land having frontage to Bedford Road of about 180 feet with 8 cottages & gardens thereon known as 1-8 Bedford Road. (2 acres 1 rood 23 poles)

No’d 45 Pasture land (4 acres 1 rood 16 poles)

6th Feb 1932 Certificate of official seach in Land Registry no'd 33024/32 against Alfred Morris Wheeler of Spring Place Bexley Kent

8th Feb 1932 by conveyance between Alfred Morris Wheeler, vendor & George Bayes of 24 Griffith Street Rushden, sanitary inspector, purchaser, £800.00

8th Oct 1937 by will of George Bayes - he appointed Vincent Harold Sykes of Raunds, solicitor, his son Wilfred Bayes & his daughter Violet Botterill to be Executors & trustees thereof

30th Jan 1941 George Bayes died.

16th April 1941 will of George Bayes duly proved in Peterborough by Vincent Harold Sykes and Wilfred Bayes of 103 Park Road Rushden, painter & Violet Botterill of 22 Griffith Street, wife of Frederick George Botterill.

23rd Jul 1942 8 houses now in occupation of Green, Twelftree, Litchfield, Tiney, Cockings, Hilson, Glidle & Hanger.

Memo attached

11th Dec 1950 Endorsed onto conveyance of 8th Feb 1932

Conveyance dated 11 Dec 1950 between Vincent Harold Sykes, Wilfred Bayes & Violet Botterill, vendors & Frances Brenda Cockings purchaser of No 5 Bedford Road.

Another 12 houses had been proposed in 1925,
but the land was given as
a park to the town in1926.

This row was demolished in about 1979.

Photo of the rear of the houses and the outhouses. Taken from Jubilee Park c1950

For the occupiers in 1910 see 108-115 - 1910 Valuations

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