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Rushden and District Freehold Land Society (Limited)

Wellingborough News, 5th April 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY—A meeting was held at the New Hall on Wednesday evening last, for the purpose of considering the advisability of forming a Freehold Land Society for Rushden and district. There was a good attendance, and Mr. J. Heygate, of Wellingborough, was called to the chair. The principles on which Freehold Land Societies are based, and the way in which they are worked, were explained, and examples given of the advantages which such societies offer. Much interest was manifested, and questions asked on many points. It was then unanimously resolved, on the proposition of Mr. C. Wright, seconded by Mr. W. Spence, that in the opinion of the meeting it was desirable that a Freehold Land Society should be formed in Rushden. A provisional committee was appointed, consisting of the following gentlemen, viz.: Messrs. George Bayes, G. W. Button, James Clarke, Wm. Colson, Wm. Freeman, Thomas Freeman, Thomas Linnett, F. Miller, H. Pack wood, Wm. Spencer, Wm. West, Thomas Wilmot, and Wm. Wright. A considerable number of names of persons willing to join the society were handed in.

Wellingborough News, 18th October 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

LAND SOCIETY MEETING—A general meeting of the members of the Rushden and District Freehold Land Society (Limited) was held at the Coffee House on Saturday last, the 11th inst. Mr. Thos. Wilmott, the president of the Society, was in the chair, and there was a good attendance of members. The Secretary (Mr. James Jackson) reported that the Rules were in the hands of the Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies, and that as soon as the certificate of registration was received, copies would be printed and supplied to the members. He also reported that the weekly payments had been well kept up, and that over £70 was in the Bank to the credit of the Society. The next steps to be taken by the society were then considered, and the committee of management was instructed to prepare a report to be presented at the annual meeting. Before the meeting ended the members present resolved to arrange for a public lecture on "Thrift" to be delivered on an early date. The committee of management consists of the following gentlemen, any of whom will afford information respecting the Society:—Mr. Thomas Wilmott, president; Mr. Tom Linnett, vice-president; Mr. Charles Sanders, treasurer; and Messrs. George Bayes, Wm. Colson, T. Freeman, W. Freeman, H. Packwood, Walter Sargeant, H. Sparrow, and Wm. Spence. We may say that the object of the Society is to enable the members to purchase plots of eligible building land at favourable prices by small weekly payments.

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