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Rushden Landowners’ Association Ltd.
Rushden Echo, 12th March 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

Small Holdings at Rushden – Meeting of the Association

Last night a meeting of the Rushden Small Holdings Association was held in the College-street schools, Councillor W. Bazeley, J.P., presiding.

The Chairman explained the present position of affairs, and Councillors Geo. Miller and T. Swindall gave addresses, fully discussing the situation.

It was stated that the board of Agriculture had approved of the application of the Northants County Council for the renting of the Rectory farm of 264 acres.

The Chairman urged the necessity for the members getting into working order and obtaining all the outside help they possibly could to make the movement a success.

The work of the association has so far been done by an hon. secretary (Mr. Collins), and it was now decided to appoint a secretary, Mr. Nuttall being elected.

Rushden Echo, 9th April 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

Small Holdings at Rushden
The Rushden Farm – Not to be Taken Over

At a meeting of the Rushden Landowners’ Association, Ltd., held on Thursday last in the Council School, College-street, Rushden, Councillor W. Bazeley, J.P., presided, supported by Mr. John Claridge, C.C., and Mr. G. Miller, C.C.

The meeting had been adjourned from the previous week to consider the question of signing the lease of the Rectory Farm in Newton-road, It was thought at the previous meeting that there were not sufficient applicants to warrant the association taking over the farm and in undertaking the financial responsibility attached to signing the lease in order to fulfil the requirements of the County Council.

Discussion ensued upon the matter, and the members of the association felt they were not in a position to take over the farm. It was resolved that the secretary should write to the County Council and inform them that, owing to the conditions which had been imposed in having to pay the rent in advance and the expenses attached to taking over the land, the association could not sign the lease to take over the farm.

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