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Extracted from transcript at NRO by Dr Stephen Swailes
Lay Subsidy - 34 HenVIII -1543

Lay Subsidy was a tax to raise funds for a specific purpose such as a war.
It was collected from 1290-1334 and revived by Henry VIII in 1524 and collected until 1623.

Forename Surname Forename Surname Forename Surname
William Manyng John Johnson William Druell
William Goodwyn Lawrence Gybson Robert Hancocke
Richard Walters Richard Negose Agnes Margetts
Richard Dobbys John Hall Thomas Curtes
John Kylschare John Wedon John Pecok
Henry Curts Henry Margetts Richard Page
Richard Margetts Thomas Lansborn William Bles
John Wedon Richard Cocks Thomas Blys
William Margetts William Abothewey William Lambe
William Cleypole Richard Bernard John Store
John Margetts John Kendale William Gobe
Christopher Atson Robert Smythe William Gurrey
John Clark William Barnard Thomas Burne
Thomas Baryt George Drabull Henry Whyte
Henry Blacke John Bernard James Grymsdyche
Christopher Gurrey Thomas Achurche John Osberston
Richard Franke William Marchall Richard Lynaker
Richard Druell Henry Man

Extracted from a draft at NRO by Dr Stephen Swailes
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