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Mollie Smith (nee Houghton) 2008
Land For Council Housing 1953

In 1901 Jesse Marriott, eldest son of James and Carrey Marriott of Rose Cottage, Allen Road, Rushden, purchased three plots of land from Mr. W. Chettle.

The land had a frontage of 60ft. to Blinco Road, the purchase price was £40 and the debt was paid off on 22nd. October 1906.

In 1907 he married Elizabeth Short and a daughter was born in 1908.

George Short and his family decided to emigrate to Australia in 1911 and Jesse and his family decided to join them.

Jesse's father, James purchased the plots of land from him for £100, prior to his departure for Australia.

After his father's death the ownership of the land first passed to his brother James and then to James' son, Reginald Marriott.

In 1952 Rushden Urban District Council decided to make a compulsory purchase of land in the area for council housing. The sum of £50 was paid for the land in 1953.
Map and letter reproduced with the permission of Brian Marriott, son of Reginald and great nephew of Jesse Marriott.
Jesse Marriott was the husband of my great aunt.

Written by Mollie Smith. 2008

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