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From the note books of J E Smith, transcribed by John Collins, 2008
Farmers & Millers 1813-1860

1813 Mr Richard Stevens
1813 Mr Abraham Jessop
1814 Mr Wright Richards
1815 Mr John Blott
1819 Mr William Chapman
1821 Mr John Linnett
1821 Mr Edward Wood
1822 Mr John Stockley, Rushden Lodge
1824 Mr William Skinner
1828 Mr Michael Mason, Ward's Farm
1829 Mr Thomas Leigh
1831 Mr William Boddington
1832 Mr Samuel Bolton
1832 Mr Thomas Wood
1835 Mr John Crisp
1836 Jas Robinson
1840 - 1860 Mr Soames where Mason's Farm was, North end.
Mr Day at Dial Farm, late Whittemore. S. end.
Mr Manning at Daniel Dickens Farm, Little Street.
Mr Grose where Marriott builder lives. N. end.
Mr William Adcock at Birds House, Duke St.
Mr John Dearlove at Bird's House, Duke St. after.
About 1850-60 Green at Wymington Road Mill. Sold to William Lewis of Wymington.
1824 Samuel Achurch.
Moor at Windmill, Wellingboro' Road.

NRO Ref: 285P/297
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