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Source: RUSHDEN A Duchy of Lancaster Village by David Hall & Ruth Harding
Rushden Furlong Names 1400 - 1755

In the medieval countryside almost all land was arable and each settlement had a 2 or 3 open field system subdivided into narrow strips by furrows. The normal medieval peasant held 60 -80 strips scattered throughout the furlongs of the parish. The smallest unit of cultivation was a strip called a ‘land’ averaging 8 x 200 yards. Strips varied in width from between 3 to 15 yards and in length from 15 to 400 yards. They were ploughed mainly clockwise leaving a 1ft ridge in the centre. Groups of lands with furrows running parallel were called furlongs and each furlong had a name. A furlong was an area of land varying in size depending on the terrain. The names of the Rushden furlongs are listed below.

No Names at various dates 1400-1755 Meaning
63 Aldereswell, auderswell, auterswell elder stream or Aldas stream
96 Asshehull, ashwell ash hill
37 Barley furlong, barley heye, barley benlond boar clearing, compounded with hedge and beanland
28 Bisdene, bisdalle tributary valley from British 'twig'
91 Blak fen, black fen black marsh
90 Blakemyld, blackemylle black mire
14 Blosicke, blowsycke close, blowsick Norse, dark brook
11 Bradwell, bardwell syk, brode dale, brode corner, broadwell broad stream
6 Braken bracken
  Brancroft burnt croft
51 Broudenes, brounesden, brownesdale brown valley
  Barton headland personal name
  Cade croft personal name Cadda?
  Caldewell cold stream
  Cause, cawsey cause way
  Chappelheueden headland of chaplain
7 Cheppyng waye, shipping way way to market
30 Churche waye, church way way to church (land)
  Chilwell, chyldewell Cilda's stream
77 Clay (well) clay (soil)
20 Clayvys, cleyves, cleaves cliff, steep
  Clangers ?
  Coldethorne thorn in cold spot
  Cowpyttes hollow or pit
45 Croftes, c. land, c. end, crofts haydon, crafts land near village crofts (gardens)
  Crosse near a cross
  Dedland low land?
43 Denes, den, denesydeacre, deans valleys
35 Delves quarry
  Dowpyte, d. Croft, dowpit, dewpit Norse, Duve's hollow
41 Dufcoat hill dovecote hill
  Drewells bush personal name
64 Fayr furlong, fair possible fair ground, probable fare (travel)
  Flower way ?
  Flytland disputed land
  Four ways, foure weys cross roads
  Fulstede, falsted, fawsted, fosted dirty or foul place
  Furres furrows
  Fumore ?
27 Galow hill site of manorial gallows
54 Garleden, g. Hill, g. Hede, garden, garden hill clearing with gores (triangular pieces)
38 Grendelow, gryndelow, grynlow, grunlow, grundler green hill
  Greneway, g. Low, g. Balk, g. Lane green way, road
  Hamptonwey Northampton Road
98 Harelond, harlands land with hares
26 Heigham highcross, handcross next to Handcross in Higham Ferrers
  Holowe, holowball, over holowe, halliwater cross hollow
84 Holbrook, holebrook, hold brook  
33 Horse balk, horse back  
  Hungerhull hungry (barren) hill
93 Hie haden, Hydheueden, heigh havedon, high haden high heads
31 Knoston benlond, K. Cross & delves, Knoston meere, corner & delves Knuston beanland etc.
  Lanes end  
  Lang boden  
  Larde wath crosse  
57 Long dene furlong, long dale, long den long valley
  Longdehul long hill
58 Long furlong long lands
  Longwade long ford
  Lytelbury little hill
76 Lyttel dale everende, lyttuldale, l.d. Hollow, l. Dole, littel dale  
  Maysteriones pond personal name
2 Medesegges meadow grasses
  Mare, maredtch, more mere, boundary
17 Millehol, mylnhole, mill hole low place at mill
  Middelholowe, midell furlong middle low place
  Myddel crowden middle crow valley
  Myldcroft mold (soil) croft
  Netherend croft, brigge lower end croft & bridge
  Nethertownesende lower end of town
5 New dich, new diche new ditch
  Newtonpath path or road to Newton
72 Nepyndale, ependale, nipingdale drooping (steep?) valley
  Overthwart path upper cross path
  Parsoncroft endes croft near rectory
  Pescroft end, peaslade croft & slade for peas
  Plumtre well, plumterley well plumtree stream
  Portwey furlong way to market
55 Potterlow, potter slade, pottelow, petels hill of the potters
  Poucheres land  
  Puttaker hadon  
8 Queche, quech marsh
80 Redsonde, redsand, redland, redrand galls red sandy ground
  Ricmones heueden personal name
  Riggeway ridge way
67 Rivy, ryves bank
23 Rocke, rockle, rolkyl, rolkey, rockwell probably rook stream
34 Rowdych furlong, rowdiche busshe, rowley slade, runlow, roulets slade possibly roe ditch, probably crooked ditch from 'wra'
25 Sand pyttes, sand pit furlong sand pit
  Shaly, shaly hyll clearing on a hill
  Shylswell shallow stream
  Smaldene little valley
35 Smal grene little green
  Smal thyrne  
  Sowepittes for Dowpittes above?
46 Southend crofts, south end croft gardens of South End
24 Spetelbrigge, s. Hedge, s. Causeway, spyttell hedge, spittell meare, s. Hadon leper hospital of St. James
  Stoncross, stone hill stone hill
  Stotesfoldhull studfold hill
  Sultropston Souldrop (boundary) stone
16 Synmede furlong  
  Thiris pytts, thrust pytt, thruspit Norse Thuri's pit
1 Threlowhill, trelow, frelow hill three hills (barrows)
22 Threthornes, thorns, treethorns three thorn bushes
59 Typpuldene, typpul well, t. Hole, tipwell deans Tibba's well valley
  Water dale & gall wet valley
47 Wemyngton crosse, W. Path, Wemmyngton meere, Wimington meer Wymington boundary & path
81 Woldes lowe, wolse, wolsoe, wolsowe furze, wulso, wolsoe, wolroe, woolroe wood hill
18 Wranlands, wronglands, ranglands twisty lands
  Wylmylnehull windmill hill
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