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Extracts taken from a bundle of deeds, kindly loaned
Harborough Road - Nos 68 - 70

The land on which these two properties were built was owned by Mr Alfred Manning, a farmer.
Plan of the area in 1885
House Homestead & Yards &c Pasture

The Harbour Pasture
Long Close

Drawn up by William Hirst Simpson, Higham Ferrers
Plan of the area in 1885
By Indenture August 1885 and made between Alfred Andrew Manning of Ravenstone in the County of Buckingham Farmer of the one part & Thomas Lilley and William Banks Skinner both of Harrow Road Paddington Green in the County of Middlesex Shoe Manufacturers of the other part.

It was witnessed that in consideration of the sum of £620 as purchase money to the said A A Manning paid by the said T Lilley & W B Skinner in equal shares (the receipt &c) The said A A Manning as Beneficial Owner thereby conveyed unto the said Thos Lilley & Wm B Skinner.

All that messuage tenement or farmhouse with the outhouses barns stables gardens conveniences & appurtenances thereunto belonging lands & hereditaments situate in the parish of Rushden in the County of Northampton described in the Schedule & delinated in the Map or plan And which said hereditaments intended to be thereby conveyed (with other hereditaments conveyed by Indentures of even date therewith by the said A A Manning to the said T Lilley & W B Skinner & Asher Abbott respectively) were then lately Copyhold of the Manor of Rushden but by Indenture of Enfranchisement dated --- 1885 & made between the Queens Most Excellent Majesty of the one part & the said A A Manning of the other part were enfranchised & made Freehold & are in the said Indenture of Enfranchisement described as follows that is to say "All that messuage tenement or farmhouse with the outhouses barns stables garden conveniences & appurtennance thereunto belonging situate standing lying & being in Rushden in the County of Northampton formerly in the tenure or occupation of Wm Codgbrook Wiles Codgbrook and Susannah Manning succesively late in the tenure or occupation of Fanny Linnett but now of Daniel Dickens Also a Cottage or tenement & premises (lately converted & made out of parts of the outhouses appurtenances to the said messuage tenement or Farmhouse) late in the tenure or occupation of the said Fanny Linnett & now of the said D Dickens or his undertenants Also two closes or inclosed grounds in Rushden aforesaid called or known by the several names of Long Close (pasture) & Norberrys Close (pasture) formerly in the the tenure of the said Wm Codgbrook Wiles Codgbrook and Susannah Manning succesively late in the tenure or occupation of Fanny Linnett but now of Daniel Dickens Also an old enclosure containing 3 acres or thereabouts (now & for many years past laid to & forming part of Norberrys Close) formerly in the occupation of Wm Marriott Barbara Marriott & Susannah Manning successively.

Which said premises together with others were held by the said A A Manning by copy of Court Roll of the said Manor by virtue of an Admission to him thereof made out of Court on or about the 21st day of June 1876.

To hold ....................

17th August 1877


between Henry Bull

and the

Wellingborough Town & District Permanent Building Society (Trustees then being William Woolston Gentleman, Frederic Gravely Draper and George Lucas Watkin Shoemanufacturer, all of Wellingborough)

27th March 1903

Conveyance (no plan)

from Mrs Harriette Jane Bull of Rushden widow (and her Mortgagees)

to Mr George Denton of Rushden Shoemanufacturer

£1,338 to the Northamptonshire Union Bank

£112 to the Vendor

All that Freehold Land containing Three hundred and thirteen square yards or thereabouts on the north side of and having a frontage to the Main Street in Rushden of Thirty six feet or thereabouts..... as in an Indenture dated 3rd March 1880 made between William Colson and Haydyn Packwood of the one part and Henry Bull of the other part..... together with the two messuages or tenements with outbuildings thereto sometime since erected and built on the said plot of land and formerly in the several occupations of John Mackness and Charles Bull afterwards of William Clarke and --- Burrows.....
Secondly All that plot or parcel of land or ground situate lying and being in the South End of Rushden aforesaid and lately forming part of a certain Building Estate known as the “Harborough Park Estate”..... conveyance dated 28th February 1887 and made between Thomas Lilley & William Banks Skinner of the one part and the said Henry Bull of the other part..... with the messuage or tenement and Shoe Warehouse erected and built on the said last mentioned plot of land and now in the occupation of the Vendor and Purchaser respectively.....

18th January 1904


From Northamptonshire Union Bank Ltd
To George Denton
Estimated Value £1450
Interest to be £5 per cent per annum


In the County Court of Northamptonshire
No 26, 1907

Re George Denton

To Augustus Claude Palmer of St Giles Chambers St Giles Street Northampton

George Denton residing at Eastfields Rushden and carrying on business at High Street Rushden under the name B Denton & Son and at Moor Road under the style of F Noble boot manufacturer, also at Duck Street under the style of the Lightstrung Cycle Co. Cycle manufacturer and at Sartoris Road under the style of Rushden Machine Joinery Works.

Debt of £1200 – security comprised of:-
A Freehold Shoe Factory with Dwellinghouse adjoining in Harborough Road, sometime since the property of H J Bull, in the tenure of George Warner. Also a plot of land situate in High Street South with two messuages thereon known as Nos. 73 & 75 High Street South and now in the occupations of Messrs Tuffrey and Clark respectively.

Conveyed to us by way of a mortgage 18th January 1904

Signed by F L Heygate for the Northamptonshire Union Bank

9th March 1933

From National Provincial Bank Ltd
To George Warner (Rushden) Ltd

Supplemental Abstract of Title
George Warner by his will of 19th July 1943 made his daughter Minnie his executrix and bequeathed all his personal and real estate to her.

12th July 1944 – George Warner died without having altered or revoked the will.

19th January 1945 Probate granted by District Probate Office, Peterborough, to Minnie Warner.

29th June 1946 – Conveyance – Minnie Warner to Sarah Jane Warner widow – to hold jointly as tenants in common.

Company Reg No 159149

George Warner (Rushden) Ltd

Extraordinary Resolution

Made 10th July 1936

“That the Company cannot by reason of its liabilities continue its business and that it is advisable to wind up the same and that accordingly the Company be wound up voluntarily. That Mr H Claude Palmer, Chartered Accountant, of Kingham Chambers, Abington Street, Northampton, be and he is hereby appointed Liquidator for the purpose of winding up the affairs and distributing the Assets of the Company”.

George Warner, Chairman.

17th November 1936

Transfer of Mortgage held by
National Provincial Bank Ltd, London

From George Warner of 70 Harborough Road and
Sarah Jane Warner widow of 25 Griffith Street

To George Warner (Rushden) Ltd

Abstract of Title

Personal representatives of Joseph Billingham Deceased
relating to numbers 64 & 66 Harborough Road, Rushden.

24th June 1886
Conveyance by Thomas Lilley and William Banks Skinner
To David Parker Boyd
Then in the occupation of Mackness and Baker.

1st December 1890
Sold by David Parker Boyd
To Joseph Billingham in consideration of £415

30th October 1930
Will of Joseph Billingham – after appointing his wife Naomi and his daughter Nellie Winters as Executrices – bequeathed both properties to Nellie Winters

After her decease No 64 to grandson Donald George Winters and No 66 to granddaughter Kathleen Mary Winters.

20th March 1932 – Joseph Billingham died without having altered or revoked his will.

5th July 1932 – Probate granted

20th November 1949 – Naomi Billingham died.

15th December 1948

Minnie Warner spinster
To Clifford Collins, leather dresser

4th May 1949

From Mr Clifford Collins, Leather Dresser
To Clifford Collins Ltd.


30th March 1965

From Mr E Pinnell

To Riding Footwear (Rushden) Ltd

Abstract of Title 1958

March 1954 Will of M E Warner

January 1958 Death of M E Warner

February 1958 Probate granted to Executors

Roland Arthur Evans Solicitor and
Wilfred Donald Perkins Solicitor’s Clerk.

March 1933 George Warner & William James Warner
jointly guarantee the loan from National Provincial Bank Ltd.

1932 William James Warner made his will and appointed his wife Sarah Jane Warner Executrix.

1936 William James Warner died.

23rd September 1958

Between Roland Arthur Evans Solicitor
And Wilfred Donald Perkins Solicitor’s Clerk
Both of 135 High Street, Rushden

And Eric Pinnell of 77 High Street South, Rushden

Whereas Minnie Emily Warner late of 70 Harborough Road spinster died on the 6th January 1958 by her will dated 5th March 1954 appointed the vendors to be Executors thereof who proved the same on 7th February 1958 in the Peterborough District Probate Registry.............

By this deed........for the price of Four Hundred Pounds

11th April 1967


By Horace Leslie Bayes of
33A Wellingborough Road,
Higham Ferrers

1. I have been employed by Clifford Collins Ltd at Rushden for the last 18 years

2. I have been employed at and am well acquainted with the property on the plan

3. During the whole of the time I have been employed by the Company at Rushden the Company has occupied the said property ....... and I believe has been in the full free and undisturbed possession and enjoyment of the rent and profits thereof.

4. I depose as above from my knowledge of the neighbourhood of Harborough Road Rushden aforesaid over the last eighteen years

AND I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835.

Signed H L Bayes

Meeting 10th October 1968

Of the Directors of Pettit & Sons (Northampton) Ltd.

Ref: Supplemental Deed

Between Clifford Collins Ltd, Bjorlow Pettit Ltd, Pettit & Sons Ltd,

And Barclays Bank Ltd.


10th November 1970

From Barclays Bank Ltd

To Clifford Collins Ltd.


14th September 1989

From Barclays Bank Ltd

To Riding Footwear (Rushden) Ltd


26th August 1993

From Riding Footwear (Rushden) Ltd

To Clifford Collins Ltd

For £3023.00

These documents show the owners, and businesses that used the property at No. 70 Harborough Road duing the years 1877-1993.

The factory building was closed in 2004 and sold again in 2008.

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