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Hilly Farm

Hilly Farm in the 1960s Hilly Farm
c1950s when Willmott's owned this farm
Hilly Farm in Bedford Road in 2008

1966 plan showing Hilly Farm before road widening

Rushden Argus, 24th August 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins
Harvesting by Motor - First Motor Tractor in the Rushden District

The first motor harvester used in Rushden, is owned by Mr. C. E. Knight,
of Hilly Farm, whose son is driving. Rushden Church will be noticed in the background. The harvesting operations and boot making are intermingled; so close are the two industries that one can stand and listen to the explosions of the motor harvester and the hum of shoe machinery at the same time.

Extract from a longer article 1919
Harborough-Road and Bedford-Road - In view of the wet weather, other plans were hastily made and the tables were placed in a barn kindly lent by Mr. C. E. Knight.

Rushden Argus August 12th 1921, transcribed by Susan Manton

Burnt Out - Thatched Barn Destroyed

A dangerous outbreak of fire was fortunately noticed by a Kettering motorist passing through Rushden just before 3a.m. on Sunday morning. As reported elsewhere he gave the alarm, and the Fire Brigade succeeded in saving the adjoining cottage, a stack of oats, a rick of hay and other property. The barn belonged to Mr. Jeremiah Knight of the High Street [South].
The barn
The Barn

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