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Holly Road Bungalow
In 1959 the Eaton family moved from their Council House in The Hedges, to a newly built bungalow in Holly Road.

invoice roads
The quotaion from G A Griffin in July 1959, The price was £1,650, to be paid in three stages of £550 each, and
£12 for preparing the plans and specifications
The plots of land for sale in Fern Holly and Palm Roads.
The roads were made up and adopted in 1961, and residents were charged £4.2s. per foot.
bungalow plan front view
layout extras
The plans were drawn by J Bradshaw and £46 was charged for extras fitted - wardrobe, fireplace, meter cupboard

Caswell's card payments
In 1963 they bought more furniture from F L Caswell.
At that time shops often ran promotions where you could pay over 3 or 6 months "interest free".

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