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Kingsmead Park
Some of the homes at Kingsmead Park
Today Kingsmead park is a residential park, with mobile homes - 2011 taken from Jubilee Park

The sign The drive
The sign at the entrance Kingsmead Park - Brittania Parks & the driveway into the park area

J W "Bill" Houghton was a small holder, and long serving St John Ambulance man. One of his hobbies in the late 1960s and 1970s was amateur filmmaking. In his commentary about the new Rushden Rider service he gave this little potted history about Kingsmead Park:-

"At Kingsmead Park, memories of the 1940s came to mind. There were 6 caravans on the site known as Rushden Caravan Park, owned by Bert Fowkes, who lived in a small cottage situated where the main offices are now. Access to the site was a cart road, with allotments on the left. The water supply was from a well, replenished by the council’s water cart, loaded from a standpipe near the Tecnic shoe factory, and drawn by a ... mare Dolly on contract to the Rushden Urban Council."

Listen to Bill

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More of Bill's films

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