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Marriott's Farm

102 High Street
 Marriott's Farm
Marriott's Farm

The Misses Smith kept a private school in the
farmhouse from the late 1880s until 1910.

Rushden Echo, 15th July 1927, typed by Peter Brown

Clean Milk
Mr. R. Marriott of Farm House, won third prize in Class 1 of the County Clean Milk Competition arranged by the Northants Education Committee and the Northants Milk Recording Society. The maximum number of marks was 1,000, and Mr. Marriott gained 724.4.

Charlie Fathers' Certificate
Rushden Echo & Argus, 15th Nov 1929
These men are the milkers employed at the Grade “A” dairy owned by Mr Robert Marriott of Farm House, High-street, Rushden, and the certificates are proof of the success with which the up-to-date establishment has been conducted. Mr Marriott came second in the county in the County Council Clean Milk Competition lasting from February to June 1929, and he was the only prizewinner in this part of Northamptonshire.
The clean milk team
Rushden Clean Milk Team - The milkers (l to r) are W. Line,
G. Bradshaw, C. Valentine and W. Harbour.
Extract from memories of Mr G Abbott
That gas lamp was always a problem! Where the Hamblin Court flats now stand, was then Marriott’s farmyard. Mr Robert, and Mr Alan Marriott were very good to us children, and we were allowed to play in the farm yard so long as we did not get in the way, or do damage, which we respected, however, when the cattle had been milked and released to graze in the fields that are now the Upper Queen street estate, they often stampeded round the corner in their haste to get to the fields leaving the unfortunate lamp post leaning over at about 30 degrees. The Rushden & Higham Ferrers Gas Company would come along and fix it, and fix it, and fix it, until finally it was put onto the Denbros factory wall, where it remained until the new fangled electricity came along. The cattle also left the road quite slippery, but once into "the lane" that didn't matter.

Lloyds Bank is the tallest building (left) and right is Marriott's Farm.
Right is a coloured sketch of the Farm by Clive Wood.

Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection - by kind permission of Rushden Museum
High Street north farm and outbuildings
High Street - left West Street, centre right the farmhouse
View of the farm and outbuildings c 1920s
(above-right) bottom left corner is High Street, the farmhouse and string of outbuildings back towards a large dutch barn.
Victoria Road across the top up to Rectory Road - just visible top right corner.

Marriott's cottages Higham Road
Marriott's Farm workers cottages c1900
The field to the left is where the Royal Variety Theatre stood
and from the other side in 1973
Latterly used as offices before the new block (right) was built

In 1937 the farmhouse was demolished, and shops were built on the site. The farmyard was used as a billet for troops during WWII: first were the Canadian Royal Winnipeg Rifles and later, in November 1940, the King's Royal Hussars (9th Armoured Division). In 1942 the Americans then took over the site for their heavy vehicles, and they also had a detention centre there.

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