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14 Moor Road

The Edens (sch.130d 1891 census), John, Sophia and their children Bertha and Sydney, lived in our house, 14 Moor Road. The house was built in 1889, and John was its first owner, as per the original deeds.

John and Sophia lived in Grendon, where they had their first child Bertha. They moved to 14 Moor Road when Bertha was one year old (in 1889), and their son Sydney was born here.

Incidentally, two ghosts have been seen in this property, usually right after new owners move in - we conclude they are curious to see who is now here. One is a lady in grey, the other is a lady in an old fashioned black and white maid's uniform. I saw the maid the first week we lived here, walking down stairs from the top landing, and the following week our son (he was 18 months old), spent about an hour playing with and talking to someone in his room, they were doing something to make him laugh - which was very spooky, but sort of thrilling to listen to.

When I casually said to the previous owner "You didn't mention it was haunted..." he looked embarrassed and said "Oh you've seen them have you? which one did you see? the maid or the woman in grey?" - I hadn't told him I saw a lady in maid's uniform, and I'm usually quite sensible; I was asking the old owner to see if he was surprised, I certainly didn't expect him to identify them to me.

Sue (Current owner of 14 Moor Road - 2010)

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