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Northampton Mercury, 6th March 1819

Parsonage House

To be Sold by Auction
By Mr. Spong

On Thursday, the 11th of March 1819, at One o’Clock in the Afternoon, on the Premises at the Parsonage House, in Rushden, in the County of Northampton,

All the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, HAY, STRAW, and FIREWOOD, the Property of the present Occupier; consisting of mahogany four-post Bedstead, with chintz Furniture, lined throughout, beech Bedstead, and stuff Furniture, mahogany Tables and Chairs, basin Stand; oak Bureau, handsome eight-day Clock; parlour and kitchen Grates, Copper and Ditto; two good Churns, four hogshead Barrels, mash and working Vats, Tubs, and Trays; milk Leads and Tins, copper-hooped Pails, and other dairy Utensils; copper Boiler, Pots and Saucepans, brass Kettles, and bell-metal Pestle and Mortar. Stack of Hay, a Quantity of straw Manure; some fire Wood, in Lots; dung Cart; large Scales and iron Weights, Bushels, Sieves, draining Tools, Harness for three Horses, and sundry other useful Articles.

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