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Transcribed by Kay Collins
Sales 1780s & 1790s

Northampton Mercury 26 March 1781 

TO BE SOLD by AUCTION, on Thursday the 19th of this instant March, 1781, All the Household FURNITURE, and STOCK in TRADE, of Mr. Philip Ashton, at  Rushden, grocer: Consisting of  Beds, Bedsteads, Blankets, Coverlid, Tables, Drawers, Chairs, &c, and some Kitchen Furniture; all Sorts of Groceries, Counters, Drawers, Scales, and Weights. At Two o’clock the same day, will be put up (if not dispersed by private Contract) a Convenient ….. and one Out-Building; together with two Acres of Pasture-Ground (more or less), now in the Occupation of the said Philip Ashton, in Rushden.

It is a good-accustomed Shop, pleasantly situated, and stands well for Trade.

For further Particulars, apply to Mr. Heysham, Attorney at Law, Olney; or P. Hunt, Auctioneers, Northampton.

Northampton Mercury, 1st November 1784

An Inclosed Farm

To be Let, and Entered upon immediately, or at St. Thomas next: Consisting of 321 acres, with necessary Conveniences thereupon; about 30 acres fallowed and folded, more than 80 acres cropped, near 40 of which are well seeded; the remaining Part Grass Seeds and Sward. The present Crop, which is good, and well got in, together with Stock upon the Ground, may be had, if desired, by an in-coming tenant, at a fair Appraisement.

The above Farm is situated at Rushden, upon the turnpike-Road, betwixt Wellingborough and Bedford.

Enquire of Wm. Boss, of the same place; or of Mr. Bailey, at Market Harborough.

Northampton Mercury, 5th February 1791

To be Let or Sold, at Rushden, near Higham Ferrers

A very desirable Estate: Consisting of a good Farm-House, a large Dove-Cot, and all other convenient Offices, in good Repair, with two hundred and fifty Acres of Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, the greater Part adjoining the Premises; some of which is FREEHOLD, but the greater Part COPYHOLD, Fine certain and very easy. It may be Entered upon at any Time, being in the Occupation of the Owner, in whose Family it has been for many Generations. Two Thousand Pounds may remain upon the Estate at Four per Cent.

For Particulars, apply to Mr. Richards, of Rushden; Mr. Richards, of Wilby; or Mr. Tresham Chapman, of Northampton, where a Map of the Estate may be seen.

Northampton Mercury,12th May 1791


with three Barns thereto belonging, in RUSHDEN, in the County

Northampton in the several Tenures of William Knight, Widow Parrott, and Widow Pettit; also an Orchard and Close near thereto adjoining, well planted with Timber and other trees, containing about two acres, in the Tenure of Daniel Adcock.

The above Premises are COPYHOLD, Fines certain.

For further particulars, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. Thomas Turnell, Higham Ferrers; or Mr. Goodhall, Attorney, Wellingborough.

Northampton Mercury, 14th September 1793

For the Benefit of Creditors. To be Sold by Auction,

By S. Brampton,

On the Premises, on Wednesday the 18th of September 1793, and following Days.

THE GOODS and EFFECTS, with upwards of Three Hundred Lots of DRAPERY, MILLINERY, and HOSIERY GOODS, of Mrs. ANN MEE, of RUSHDEN, Northamptonshire: Consisting of printed Cottons, Chintz Patches, Muslins, Muslinets, and Di...ities Durants and Calimancots, rib’d and plain; Shawls and Silk Handkerchiefs; Cotton and Linen Ditto; a Quantity of Cotton and Worsted Hose.

The above Goods are of an excellent Quality and lately laid in, together with One Hundred Lots of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE:—The whole containing upwards of four Hundred Lots. 

The Sale to begin a Half past Nine o’Clock.

N.B. A Large Quantity of THREAD & BLACK LACE to be disposed of to a Wholesale Dealer.

The Creditors of Mrs. Mee are requested to bring, or send in their Accounts, to Mr. Charles Hislop, of Kettering, who will attend the Sale for that Purpose;—and Likewise the Debtors of Mrs. Mee are desired to pay in the same to Mr. Charles Hislop, of Kettering, aforesaid.

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