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Northampton Mercury, 24th March 1821

Mr. Presland

Under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

To be Sold by Auction

By Mr. Aris

On the Premises of Mr. Presland, of Rushden, on Monday the 26th Day of March 1821, and two following Days,

The valuable Household Furniture, Musical Instruments, Books, &c. and a choice Stock of Fruit and Forest Trees; consisting of a large number of trained nectarine, peach, apricot, and cherry Trees; several hundred dwarf and standard plum, apple, and pear Trees, of superior Sorts; a great Number of superior currant and gooseberry Trees, of the choicest Sorts; a great Number of different Kinds of Fir, Larch, Beech, Poplar, &c.; a Variety of green-house Plants, and choice Flowers and Roots, viz. about 130 Pair of choice Carnations, two Dozen Tulips, five Dozen Hyacinths, six Dozen  scarlet Stocks (in Pots), 52 Dozen garden Pots, &c. a great Number of ranunculus and antimony Roots, a Variety of Pinks, &c.; about 22 Quarters of Potatoes of various Sorts; two Stocks of Bees, 40 Bundles of Oziers, garden Rolls, Chairs and Seats, two Sundials, a Number of hot-bed Frames and Glasses, and several hand Glasses; two Guns, &c.

The Household Furniture consists of capital mahogany four-post Bedsteads, with white dimity and other Furniture, and window Curtains; very excellent bordered feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets and Coverlids, wool and straw Mattresses, handsome mahogany night Table, and washing Stands, pier and swing Glasses, and Mirror, mahogany dining, Pembroke, and other Tables and Chairs; floor, bedside, and stairs Carpets, with brass Rods; two excellent hand Organs, and one bird Organ; Set of musical Bells, in deal Frame, two German Flutes, two octave Flutes, and Flagelot; a Variety of Maps and prints, a Number of medical and other Books, among which are Burn’s Justice, Cambridge Concordance, Nicholson’s Philosophy, Medical review, Miller’s Gardener’s Dictionary, Materia Medica, and a Variety of other valuable Works; eight Day Clock and oak Case, repeating table Clock and Timepieces, a great Variety of China and Glass, chimney Ornaments, &c. polished fire Irons, Fenders, &c.; brewing and washing Coppers, brewing Vessels in general, a Variety of kitchen Utensils, in Copper, Brass, &c.; a stout market Cart, Wheelbarrow, six Ladders, pig Trough, Poles and fire Wood, Saddles, three Bridles, Pad, and Pair of Panniers; Quantity of Hay and Stubble, capital Beam, Scales and Weights, three Pockets of Hops, Quantity of Tares and Seeds; Carpenter’s Bench, several Feet of Boards, a Quantity of Manure, and a Variety of other Articles.

Sale to commence each Morning at Ten o’Clock.

The Trees, Flowers, &c. will be sold the first Day’s Sale.

N.B. The Counter, Shelves, Drawers, and Fixtures, with the Drugs, &c. of the Apothecary’s Shop; and also, the Surgical Instruments, electrifying Machines, &c. to be Sold by private Contract, inquire of Mr. Roberts, Higham Ferrers.

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