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Sale 1867 - 4 Cottages at Rushden

In Chancery
Sibley v Woolston

Northampton, Rushden & Wellingborough

The Undermentioned Freehold Properties,
Situate in the Town of Northampton

Will be sold at Northampton,
On TUESDAY, the 14th day of MAY, 1867,

At The Peacock Inn
At Four for Five O'clock In The Afternoon;

And The Undermentioned Copyhold & Freehold

Situate at Rushden & Wellingborough

Will be sold at Wellingborough,
On Wednesday, the 15th day of May 1867

At The Hinde Hotel
At Five for Six O’clock in the evening by

Messrs Pendered & Son, of Wellingborough

Pursuant to the Decree of the High Court of Chancery
made in the above Cause.

The Properties may be viewed, and Particulars obtained, gratis,
of Messrs. BOYS & TWEEDIES
of 5, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C.; M. R. SHARMAN, ESQ.,
Solicitor, Wellingborough,
Mr. JAMES THOMAS SIBLEY, Vigo, Northampton;
and of Messrs. PENDERED & SON, Auctioneers, Wellingborough.

At Rushden


The FOUR COPYHOLD COTTAGES situate at RUSHDEN, in the respective occupations of James Hull, Joseph Chettle junior, Mary Chettle,
and Thomas Mallard, as Monthly Tenants, at Rents
amounting together to £16. 0s. 8d. per annum.

The custom of the Manor of Rushden is Fine Certain, and the Property is subject to
an Annual Quit Rent of 2d.,
and to a nominal fine of 2d., payable on death or alienation.
This Property is sold subject to an Annuity of 9s, per week, payable to
Mr. William Mayes, of Bedford, aged 76, during his life;
and to a like Annuity payable to Sarah Mayes, his Wife, aged 78, during her life,
in case she survives her husband.

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