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Transcribed by Kay Collins
Sales 1840s

Northampton Mercury, 15th Feb 1840

To be sold by Private Contract

A Close of superior Turnip Land, containing by estimation Seven Acres, situate at Rushden, in the County of Northampton, with Tenement and Post Windmill standing thereon, adjoining the Turnpike Road from Wellingborough to Bedford, and being within a short distance from the Village of Rushden.

The Estate is of Copyhold tenure, but being Fine certain
is equal in value to Freehold.

For Price and further Particulars, apply to
Mr. Burnham, Solicitor, Wellingborough.

On 11th April 1840: Property advertised again for by Auction on Thursday 23rd April 1840

Northampton Mercury, 29th Feb 1840

To Bakers
To be Let
And entered upon at Lady Day next,

An old-established Beerhouse, with a neat Bakehouse attached,
situated at Rushden, Northamptonshire.

For Particulars, apply to Mr. Dulley, Brewer, Wellingborough.

Northampton Mercury, 11th April 1840

To be sold by Auction by Mr. Cleaver

At Rushden, at White the Shepherd’s homestead,
on Monday next, the 28th September,

One Hundred & Fifty Sheep, 10 fat Beasts, and a Chaff-cutter.
The sheep consist of 85 fat shearhogs, 55 ewes, and 8 tups.

The sale to begin at 11 o’clock. The sheep will be penned at 10.
Two months’ credit, on approved security, if desired.

Northampton Mercury, 19th Dec 1840

To Saddlers & Harness Makers

Rushden - To be Let

An old-established BUSINESS in the above line, for fifteen years the business of the late Mr. Saml. Foskett, deceased. Coming-in very low. It presents a desirable opportunity to any steady, active young man wishing to settle.

For further details, inquire of Mr. E. Baker, Saddler, Broughton, near Kettering; or Mr. William Rye, Baker, Rushden.
Northampton Mercury, 21st Sept 1844

Rushden Lodge, Northamptonshire

To Be Sold By Auction

By Mr. Pendered

By direction of the Executors of the late Mr. W. Marshall, of Ditchford Mill, upon the premises, at Rushden Lodge adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Irchester to Higham Ferrers), on Monday September 20th 1844.

The Valuable Live Farming Stock, Farming Implements, and some other Effects.

Consisting of 100 ewes and theaves, 40 shearhogs, 80 lambs, four in-calf milking cows, three sturks, two calves, four good cart horses, three cart mares, handsome bay pony, quiet in harness, four-years-old; small black pony, three-years-old; seven sets of horse harness, narrow-wheeled wagon, two broad-wheel carts, one narrow-wheel cart, excellent sociable, on springs; field roll, winnowing machine (by Blackwell), forks, rakes, sieves, and general barn tackle, bean mill, corn screen, corn drags, chaff box, two horse cribs, two cow cribs, lead horse trough, eight sheep cribs, sheep and pig troughs, three pair of barrows, two large barrows, two wheel ploughs, two swing ploughs, long and short ladders, about 12 dozen hurdles, and two dozen of trays, wagon cloth, quantity of sacks, pair of steps, and some other effects.

Also a quantity of Brewing Vessels, &c.

Sale to commence at Eleven o’clock.

The above Stock will be found worthy the attention of purchasers.

Northampton Mercury, 11th January 1845

Unreserved Sale,
Rushden, Northamptonshire
To Be Sold by Auction

By Henry Ette,

The Property, and on the premises of Mr. Wm. Spencer, Farmer, on Thursday, the 16th January 1845, at 10 o’clock in the morning:

Consisting of two excellent draught horses, two superior Scotch carts with copses complete, light spring ditto, ploughs, harrows, and several lots of good harness with other implements of husbandry; Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Household Furniture, four-post and tent bedsteads with furniture, feather and flock beds, mattresses, dining, Pembroke, and dressing tables, glass, China, a quantity of earthenware, and other useful articles of copper, brass, and tin ware.

To Let

The excellent and commodious HOUSE and PREMISES, consisting of shop, sitting-room, parlour, large kitchen, pantry, and dairy, five excellent chambers, brewhouse, barn, and piggeries, a large garden well planted with fruit trees, and an excellent well of water. The whole now in the occupation of Mr. Spencer.

For particulars apply to Mr. John Gross, farmer, and for catalogues of sale to Mr. Spencer, Rushden, or the Auctioneer, Wellingborough.

Northampton Mercury 6th March 1847, transcribed by Susan Manton.

To be sold by Auction by Mr. Pendered

Upon the premises at Rushden, Northamptonshire on Thursday the 11th March 1847. The genteel and useful Household Furniture of Mr. John Kidgell, who is changing his address. Catalogues of Sale may be had of the Auctioneer.

Northampton Mercury 10th April 1847, transcribed by Susan Manton.

Valuable Copyhold Estate

To be sold by Auction by Mr. Laughton.

At the Waggon and Horses Inn, in Rushden aforesaid, on Thursday April 15th 1847 at Six o’clock in the evening, in the following of with other lots, or in one lot only, as may then be agreed on and subject to such conditions as will be then produced.

Lot 1 All that substantial stone built Messuage of Farm House, most slightly situate in Rushden aforesaid, together with the barns, stables and other outbuildings, homestead, large building and other apputenances thereto adjoining and belonging, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Wood.

Lot 2 All those three closes of very valuable old Pasture Land in Rushden aforesaid, lying near to Lot 1 and also in the occupation of the said Thomas Wood, containing together by estimation 16a, 3a, 34r (little more or less)

The whole estate is Copyhold of the Manor of Rushden, but that fine thing certain, is equal value to Freehold.

Part of the purchase money may (if required) remain in mortgage, at a moderate rate of interest.

To view the premises apply to Mr. Thomas Wood, of Rushden, the occupant; and for further particulars to the Auctioneer, Wollaston, or to Mr. Murphy, solicitor, Wellingborough.

Northampton Mercury 5th June 1847, transcribed by Susan Manton.

To be sold by Private Contract.

A very compact Gentlemanly Residence, situate in the rural village of Rushden, in Northamptonshire, consisting of an entrance hall, dining room, drawing room, and study, a servant’s hall, kitchen, back kitchen, butler’s pantry, five principal bed rooms, two drawing rooms, two other sleeping rooms, and water closets etc. the outbuildings consist of stables, coach house, saddle room and other convenient out offices, and the lawn gardens and orchard (well stocked with fruit trees) contain together nearly five acres. The house and buildings are in substantial repair, the greater part having been lately erected.

Rushden is in a good sporting county, within easy distances of the Pytchley, Oakley and Earl Fitzwilliam’s hounds and is one mile form Higham Ferrers, five from Wellingborough, twelve from Bedford and fifteen from Northampton; within two miles of a railway station and three hours journey from the Metropolis.

To view the estate apply on the premises to the proprietor and occupier Charles Sargeant Esq. and for prices and further particulars to Mr. Barnham, solicitor, Wellingborough.

Northampton Mercury, 9th September 1848

Rushden, Northamptonshire.

Notice of Sale

Mr. Pendered begs to announce that he is instructed by the
Executors of Mr. William Achurch (deceased)

To Sell by Auction

On Monday the 23rd of September instant, on the farm premises at Rushden,

The whole of the saleable Live Farming Stock, Wagons, Carts,
Implements of Husbandry, &c.

Particulars will appear in a future Paper.

Northampton Mercury 23rd September 1848

Valuable Live & Dead Farming Stock
Implements of Husbandry,
Dairy and Brewing Vessels, &c
To Be Sold by Auction

By Mr. Pendered

By direction of the Executors of Mr. W. Achurch (deceased), upon the farm premises at Rushden aforesaid, on Monday the 25th day of September 1848:

Comprising about 300 sheep, viz., [210] ewes, 40 shearlings, 80 lambs, and 36 fat sheep, four in calf dairy cows, seven fresh heifers, nine good cart horses, a five-year-old cob, and one superior bay cob six years old, three wagons, five carts, ploughs, harrows, two field rolls, horse, cow and sheep rails and troughs, general farm tackle, ladders, &c. [plus some other items unreadable on copy]

N.B. At the same time will be sold, some pure bred short-horned Stock, from the herd of F. Sartoris, Esq., who is selling in consequence of being over-stocked, comprising two in-calf cows, four in-calf heifers, three yearling heifers, a yearling calf, and one young bull. Particulars and pedigree at the time of sale.

Catalogues of the above may be had of the Auctioneer, or at the principal inns in the neighbourhood.

And on Tuesday the 26th of September 1848, will be sold, the Household Furniture, comprising four-post, tent, and other bedsteads and furniture, feather and flock beds, bolsters and pillows, blankets and counterpanes, double and single chests of drawers, dressing tables, wash-stands, bedroom and other carpets, dining and tea tables, two sofas and covers, barometer, clock; plates copper, brass and tin; china, glass, and earthenware; bureau, and wine glasses, kitchen and chamber chairs, culinary utensils, writing desk, and a variety of articles too numerous to particularize.

Sale to commence each day at Eleven o’clock.

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