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1850s & 1860s Sales

Northampton Mercury, 29 July 1854

Rushden, Northamptonshire


Containing 103 acres of Arable, Pasture & Meadow Land,
Farm Residence, Free Public-House, &c.

Henry Ette

is instructed to Sell by Auction

At the White Hart Inn, Wellingborough

Lot 1 All that desirable FARM-HOUSE HOMESTEAD, YARD, GARDEN, and FIVE CLOSES of Arable and Pasture LAND, containing by admeasurement 60a. 0r. 22p. more or less.

Lot 2 A very desirable PLOT or Parcel of Accommodation LAND, adjoining the village of RUSHDEN, containg 1a. 3r. 13p. more or less.

Lot 3 FOUR CLOSES of desirable ARABLE LAND and a SPINNEY, situate on the north side of the road from Rushden to Bedford, containing by admeasurement 51a. 3r. 32p., more less.

Lot 4 All that Free PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the WHEAT SHEAF, and situate in the centre of the village of Rushden, together with the Yards, Garden, Farm Homestead, and also TWO CLOSES or Paddocks adjoining, containing 2a. 2r. 12p. more or less.

Lot 5 All those THREE CLOSES of valuable Pasture LAND, situate on that south side of the river Nen, and adjoining the turnpike road from Wellingborough to Higham Ferrers, containing by admeasurement 26a. 0r. 7p. more or less.

Part of Lot 3 is Freehold and a small portion Bondhold, and the remainder Copyhold; and the whole of Lots 1,2,4, and 5 are Copyhold of the manor of Rushden, but being fine certain, are equal in value to Freehold.

To view the respective lots, apply to the tenant, Mr. William Rice.

Printed particulars, with lithographic plans and conditions of sale, may be had after the 14th instant of the Auctioneer, Wellingborough; at the White Hart Inn, Wellingborough; at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Rushden; and of Messrs. Lacy and Bridges, Solicitors, 19 King’s Arms yard, London.

Northampton Mercury, 05 March 1859

RUSHDEN LODGE, near Ditchford Station

(For ready money.)


On the Farm Premises on Tuesday the 9th day of March 1859, the property of Mr. John Gross.

Comprising 12 prime fat OXEN, one very superior HEIFER, 3 COWS, 113 excellent fat SHEEP (nearly all Shearlings), 13 fat HOGS (weight from 9 to 12 scores each), and three very superior young HOGS (from 20 to 23 scores each).

Sale to commence at half past One o’clock. Refreshments will be provided at half past Twelve.

A Conveyance will be in readiness at Wellingborough Station to meet the 11.20 Down Train from Northampton, to take Passengers to the Sale; and also at the Irchester Station, on the Leicester and Hinkly Line, to meet the 1129 Up Train.

Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, or of Mr. Gross, the proprietor of the Stock.

The Northampton Mercury, September 28th 1861, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rectory Farm, Rushden.

Valuable Cart Horses and Mares.

Farming Implements Etc.

The property of Mr. Joseph Gross, who is leaving the Farm,

To be Sold by Auction,

By Messrs. Pendered & Son on Tuesday Oct 1st 1861

Consisting of two good cart mares and foals, two good cart horses, from 4 to 6 years old; one 6 year old carriage horse, four useful aged horses, one useful cob to ride or drive; an iron arm wagon, nearly new; four carts, three sets of iron harrows, other harrows, two iron ploughs, several wood ploughs, scuffler, chaff machine (by Williams) quantity of hurdles, several sets of good horse harness, quantity of wood, faggots and a variety of other effects.

The company is respectfully requested to meet at the Farm Premises at two o’clock to proceed to Sale.

Northampton Mercury, 11th February 1865, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden Northamptonshire.

Live and Dead Farming Stock,

To be sold by Auction, by Messrs. Pendered and Son.

By the executors, on the Farm Premises of the late Mr. George Day on Thursday February 16th 1865.

The stock and effects comprise four good down-calving Cows, a grey Mare, Cart Horse, 10 Tegs, 2 Yelts, about 15 quarters of Wheat, 6 quarters of Barley, 2 quarters of old Beans (all in sacks), stack of beans, from 12 to 14 quarters, about 3 tons of Swede Turnips, a stack of good Hay, about 5 fives; Wheat Barley, and Bean Straw, to be consumed on the premises; two Carts, iron and wood Ploughs, Harrows, Field Roll, Forks, rakes and general Barn Tackle; Hurdles, Ladders, Bean Mill, Chaff-cutter, Barrow, Cow Crib, Ship and Pig Troughs, Horse Harness, Iron Furnace, Farming Tools, Ropes, Trays, Casks and other effects.

Sale to commence at Twelve o’clock.

Convenience for thrashing the Beans, consumption of the Hay, the browse of the Straw &c. will be arranged on the day of the Sale.

Northampton Mercury, 15 September 1866

RUSHDEN, Northamptonshire.
A very desirable HUNTING BOX,
standing in its own Grounds with 30 Acres of Land, on the borders of the Fitzwilliam, Oakley, and Pytchley Hunts.

For particulars, inquire of Mr. James Freyburg, 41 Chester-square; or of Messrs. Hedger and Davis, 49 Pall Mall, London.

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