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Originally a house and wine store for Phipps Brewery of Northampton.

The New Inn (left of centre) was renamed the Railway Inn when a railway passenger service began in 1894. The large building to the right is Stonehurst - built in 1896 by the brewery when Mr Chester was the representative - later used as a wine store.
Stonehurst - The Belgian House - Wheeler's
being demolished in the mid 1960s
Stonehurst became known as the Belgian House when it was a hostel for
Belgian refugees in WWI. In 1920 when the Belgians left, Arthur Cave moved into the house. Sometime later the Wheeler family moved in.

Taken in the Orchard at Stonehurst
Geoff on his motorbike In uniform
Geoff Wheeler on his Sunbeam 90 in 1940
Reg, Fred, "Bub" & Geoff Wheeler

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