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Tenders for Building
In Date Order

11 October 1873 - Northampton Mercury

Opening of Higham Ferrers Board School

The building contract was let to Mr. John Piggott, of Rushden; the carpentering to Mr. George Smith, of Higham Ferrers; and the slating to Mr. Albert Laughton, who have most ably worked 

25 April 1874 - Northampton Mercury

RUSHDEN, Northamptonshire. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. PERSONS desirous of TENDERING for the ERECTION and COMPLETION of RESIDENCE and OTHER WORKS, for Mr. W. COLSON, Wholesale Shoe manufacturer, may obtain all particulars on application to the Architect,

F T MERCER, Bedford
Offices—22 Mill-street

13th October 1877 - Northampton Mercury

Builders—Any Person desirous of TENDERING for the ERECTION of HOUSE and CO-OPERATIVE STORES, at Rushden, can see the Plans and Specifications on and after October 15th, upon application to the undersigned, to whom Tenders …..

Wellingborough News, 28th January 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

To Builders and Others—PERSONS desirous of Tendering for the erection and completion of a Villa Residence at Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, for Mr. Paul Cave, must send in their names, trades, and addresses to Abraham Hart, Architect and Surveyor, Thompson's - yard, Westgate, Wakefield, Yorkshire, before Saturday, February 4th, 1882, when quantities and other particulars will be sent. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted, and no allowance will be made for Tenders.

Wellingborough News, 11th November 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

TENDERS are required for the ERECTION of a CLASS-ROOM to the Board School at Rushden. The Drawing and Specification may be seen at my Office, on and after Monday, 13th inst., where the Tenders must be delivered, at or before 12 o'clock at Noon on Saturday, 18th inst., after which time no Tender will be received. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will necessarily be accepted. Quantities will be supplied on payment of two shillings and sixpence.

Croyland Abbey
8th Nov., 1882

Wellingborough News, 25th November 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

SCHOOL BOARD—An adjourned meeting was held on Monday evening last. Present: Messrs. S. Knight, junr. (in the chair), G. Denton, W. Wilkins and J. Claridge. The following tenders were received for the erection of new class rooms:—G. Henson, Wellingborough, £225; H. Sparrow, Rushden, £223 5s.; W. Foskett, £217; G. H. Green, Wellingborough, £215; C. Bayes, Rushden, £210 10s. The Chairman proposed, and Mr. G. Denton seconded that the tender of Mr. C. Bayes, be accepted, subject to the approval of the Education Department. The resolution was carried unanimously, and it was further agreed that the proposed loan extend over 30 years.

Wellingborough News, 5th January 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

TO BUILDERS - PERSONS desirous of Tendering for 4 Houses at Rushden, for Mr. Henry Saunders, Higham Ferrers, Shoe-manufacturer, may see the plans and specifications at his house on and after Monday, 7th inst., tenders to be delivered to Mr. Saunders not later than 6 o'clock on Friday, the 11th inst. Mr. Sanders does not pledge himself to accept the lowest or any tender.

Wellingborough News, 20th May 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

TENDERS—The tenders for a new residence for Mr. George Denton, from plans prepared by Mr. E. Sharman, are as follows:— Dawkins, Wellingborough, £2,950; R Marriott, Wellingborough, £2,849; E. Brown, Wellingborough, £2,835; G. Henson, Wellingborough, £2,800; Slinn, Wellingborough, £2,800; W. H. Henson, Finedon, £2,778; J. Underwood, Wellingborough, £2,700; Clayson Brothers, Cogenhoe, £2,637; Sparrow, Rushden, £2,674; Bayes, Rushden, £2,354. Neither tender has at present been accepted.

Wellingborough News, 24th June 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

To Builders - PERSONS desirous of tendering for the erection of 6 Cottages, for Mr. W. WILKERSON, can see plans and specifications at the Coffee Tavern, Rushden, on Monday next, until July 6th.

Neither the lowest nor any of the tenders necessarily accepted, which must be sent in not later than July 7th.

From Wellingborough & Kettering News 12/04/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

TENDERS—The following is a list of the builders' tenders for the extension of Messrs. Cave and Sons' shoe factory, which have been received by the architect, Mr. H. A. Cooper:—D. Ellwood & Sons, £3,619; Henry Sparrow, Rushden, £3,490; Clayson Bros., Cooknoe, £3,300; Freeman and Son, Denford, £3,290; J. T. Wingrove, Northampton, £3,279; R. Marriott, Wellingborough, £3,270; G. Dawkins, Wellingborough, £3,250; G. Henson, Wellingboro', £3,225; E. Brown and Sons, Wellingboro', £3,197; F. Barlow, Rothwell, £3,170; E. Barlow, Rothwell, £3,150; John Slinn, Wellingboro', £3,100; C. and J. Berrill, Irchester, £3,098.
It is understood that the work was offered to Mr. John Slinn, who, however, declined; and Mr. George Henson's tender was accepted.

Rushden Argus, Friday 4th April, 1890

The New Wesleyan Chapel — The following tenders have been received for the new Wesleyan Chapel — Adnitt and Everard (Rushden), £2,100; Dawkins (Wellingboro’), £2,045; Bayes and Son (Rushden), £1,885; Higginbottom (Northampton), £1,940, Freeman and Son (Denford), £1,936; Clayson Bros. (Cooknoe), £1,978 10s.; Henson and Son (Finedon), £1,880; Brown and Son (Wellingborough) £1,850.

Rushden Argus, 7th March 1890

TENDERS for the systematic Collection of House Refuse.
Regulations and Conditions of Contract may be seen at the residence of Mr Wm. Packwood, Inspector of Nuisances, Park-road, Rushden; to whom Tenders must be sent before 4 o’clock on Saturday, March 15th, 1890.

To Builders
Persons who wish to Tender for a SHOE FACTORY to be erected on Rushden Hill, Rushden, for Mr Abraham Groome, of Higham Ferrers, must kindly send in their names to my Office not later than noon of Friday the 14th inst.

J E Cutlan
Architect &c.

Wellingborough News, 31st October 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

SCHOOL BOARD—An adjourned meeting was held at the Board-room on Wednesday to take into consideration the question of enlarging the school buildings, rendered necessary by the great excess of attendance over the accommodation. There were present—Mr. S. Knight, jun. (in the chair), Mr. G. S. Mason, Mr. D. P. Boyd, Mr. J. Claridge, and Mr. J. T. Colson.
Tenders were submitted for new class-rooms to the Girls’ and Infants’ Departments, as follows:—Adnitt and Everard, £666; Berrill Bros., £676; E. Marriott, ,£698; E. Brown & Sons, £717; H. Sparrow, £730; Clayson Bros., £736 10s.; C. Bayes & Son, £739 15s.; J. Underwood, £740. The tender of Messrs. Adnitt & Everard was accepted, subject to the approval of the Education Department.— In view also of the overcrowded condition of the Boys’ School, the Chairman was requested to instruct Mr. E. Sharman, of Wellingborough, to prepare plans for additions to that department.

The Wellingborough News, 2nd August 1895

Rushden Urban Council
Thursday, July 25. Present:- Messrs. W. H. Wilkins (chairman), John Claridge (vice-chairman), G. Denton, T. Bromage, H. Brawne, A. Cave, J. S. Clipson, John Spencer, Thos. Wilmott, F. Knight, P. Cave, Geo. S. Mason (clerk), and W. Pare (surveyor).

SEWAGE WORKS:- The following tenders for the construction of sewage works were laid before the meeting:- Patterson and Co. Lincoln, £12,619 5s 3d; W. Braithwaite, Horsforth, Leeds, £12,402; B. and G. Bentley, Preston, £11,348 2s 10d; Solden Hipwell, Wisbech, £11,279; J. T. Binns, Horwick, £10,529 12s 6d; William Cunliffe, Kingston-on-Thames, £10,526; George Bell, Tottenham, £10,411; G. Wilmott, Rushden, £10,360; F. Barlow, Rothwell, £10,050; Jesse Young, Irchester, £10,000; Brown and Sons, Wellingborough, £9,650; Herbert Weldon, Birmingham, £9,429 7s 2d; F. W. Hall, Rugby, £9,255 10s; George Henson, Wellingborough, £9.190. The engineer’s estimate was £8,796 2s 6d. – Mr. Claridge proposed and Mr. P. Cave seconded, that the tender of Mr. Henson, £9,190, be accepted – carried. After further discussion as to whether Mr. Pare should supervise the construction of the works, or whether a clerk of the works should be engaged, it was decided that the Surveyor have the supervision of the work. – The Chairman also read Mr. Pendered’s award to Mr. Skinner (the tenant of the land upon which the sewage disposal works would be constructed), which award gave £12 10s to Mr. Skinner as compensation for giving up possession at Michaelmas without statutory notice. [for more about Council meetings click here]

The Rushden Echo, Friday May 27, 1898 transcribed Sue Manton

Tenders for the erection of house, shop and bakehouse for Mr. Saint of Rushden have been received as follows:-

Messrs. Whittington & Tomlin £669
Messrs. T and C. Berrill £664
Messrs. Hacknet Bros £639
Mr. C. E. Bayes £637
Mr. Frank Henson £615
Mr. T. Willmott, jnr. £609
Mr. Robert Marriott, jnr. £603
Mr. Harry Sparrow (accepted) £600

Mr. Harry Knight, of Newton Road, was the architect.

The Rushden Echo, 10th June 1898, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden School Board - Tenders For The New School
The following tenders have been received for the erection of the new infants' school on the Newton-road:—

Mr. H. Sparrow
Mr. T. Swindall
Mr. G. Henson 
Mr. T. Wilmott
Messrs. Hacksley  
Mr. F. Houston  
Mr. R. Marriott

The school is to be built in Tibbs' field, adjoining the present schools. The tenders have been before the committee, and will be considered by a meeting of the whole Board.

Although, of course, no definite decision has been arrived at, it is probable that the lowest tender will be accepted.

Rushden Echo, Friday July 15, 1898 transcribed Sue Manton

Tenders for additions to the Rushden Working Men’s Club have been received as follow:-

F. Henson
W. Hacksley Bros
E. Mitchell
Whittington and Tomlin
T. Willmott
Bradshaw and Cooper
C. E. Bayes

Mr. Willmott's tender has been accepted.

Extract from Council Meeting October 1901

The Fire Station

The Chairman reported that six tenders had been received for the erection of the new fire station, as follows:-




Mr. H. Sparrow




Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin




Messrs. Hacksley Bros




Mr. T. Willmott




Mr. R. Marriott




Mr. C. E. Bayes




The tender of Mr. Bayes was accepted. The Surveyor’s estimate was roughly about £1635.

17 January 1902 - Northampton Mercury

Messrs. Cave and Sons' New Factory
The tender of Messrs. E. Brown and Son, Wellingborough, has been accepted for the building of Messrs. Cave and Sons new factory at Rushden, the contract price being £10,050.

The Wellingborough News, 30th May, 1902, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Tenders - To Builders
THE Rushden Industrial Co-operative Society invite TENDERS for the Erection of NEW PREMISES for Drapery, Furnishing, and Outfitting Departments, and CO-OPERATIVE HALL in the High-street, Rushden.

Persons desirous of Tendering will please send in their names to the undersigned not later than Thursday, 5th of June, 1902.

Rushden and Kettering.
May 19th, 1902

The Wellingborough News, 27th June, 1902, transcribed by Gill Hollis

New Co-operative Store for Rushden

Mr. Buckby (Rothwell)



Mr. R. Marriott (Rushden)



Mr. F. Henson (Finedon)



Mr. T. Wilmott, jun. (Rushden)



Mr. G. Henson (Wellingborough)



Mr. H. Sparrow (Rushden)



Messrs. Brown and Sons (Wellingborough)



Kettering Co-operative Builders



Mr. T. Swindall (Rushden)



Messrs. T. and C. Birrell (Irchester)



Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin (Rushden)



Mr. C. E. Bayes (Rushden) (accepted)



Rushden Echo, 25th December 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

Irchester Free Library
Rushden Firm's Tender Accepted

A special meeting of the Irchester Parish Council was held on Saturday. Present: Messrs. E. Parsons (chairman), G. Bowen, J. E. Parsons, F. C. Gray, J. A. Kemshead, C. Slater, J. Ashwell, C. Norris, P. Gardner, with the Clerk (Mr. Prentice).

Tenders for the erection of the new Free Library were received as follows:—


W. Stevens




Swannell and Turlington, Rushden  




E. Archer and Son




R. Marriott




C. E. Bayes




Hacksley Bros. 




Goodman and Murkitt




T. Hickman, Market Harborough




George Henson and Son




E. Brown and Son




Phillips and Slough




William Packwood, Rushden




The tender of Mr. Packwood was accepted. The wish was expressed that as far as practicable work would be given to Irchester men, several of whom are at present out of employ.

Rushden Echo, 8th November 1912

Rushden Tender Accepted—At the meeting of the Northants Education Committee on Saturday the School Buildings Sub-Committee reported that tenders were received for the erection of the new Council School at Raunds. The tenders ranged from £5,921 13s. to £7,168, and the Sub-Committee recommended that the lowest, that of Messrs. J. G. Pullen and Sons, be accepted. Messrs. Pullen, however, stated that, having obtained the large contract for the Secondary School for Girls at Northampton, they would be unable to devote the attention to the Raunds School they would like to do, and asked to withdraw their tender. It was agreed that the next lowest tender—that of Mr. R. Marriott, of Rushden, £6,107, be accepted.

Rushden Echo, 10th December 1920, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Municipal Houses - Another Two Dozen Dwellings – Tenders Accepted

At the meeting of the Rushden Urban Council on Wednesday tenders were accepted for another 24 houses on the Newton-road site under the municipal housing scheme, as follows:-

Mr. W. G. Wilmott - Four houses in one block, viz., two of the Class A and two of the Class B type £3,385 3s 8½d.

Mr. William Packwood and Son – Eight houses in two blocks, viz., one block comprising two Class A and two Class B4 houses, and one block comprising two Class A and two Class B houses, £6,855 8s. 6½d.

Mr. R. Marriott - Eight houses in two blocks, viz., one block of two Class A and two Class B4 houses, and one block of two Class A and two Class B houses, £6,855 8s. 6½d.

Mr. Arthur Sanders - Four houses in one block, viz., two houses of the Class A type and two of the B4 type, £3,490 14s. 10d.

Mr. Bazeley: We all hope the contractors will push on with the work and get the houses ready for occupation as soon as possible. I move that the tenders be accepted.

Mr. Hayes seconded, and it was carried.

Extract from Council Meeting February 1953
Contracts for the erection of the remaining 52 houses of the 120 on the Upper Queen Street site, for which tenders were invited, are to be given to Whittington and Tomlin, Ltd. (16 houses) and Messrs. F. and R. Windsor (36 houses). Application is to be made for a loan of £72,300 for the work.
Extract from Council Meeting April 1955
The tender of F. and R. Windsor, Ltd., for erecting 56 houses in Allen Road and Blinco Road at a cost of £73,726 were accepted. It was agreed to apply for consent to raise a loan of £75,550.
Extract from Council Meeting September 1955
A contract for the construction of roads and sewers on the Hayden Road estate was arranged with Mr. W. Squires, of Wellingborough, at £10,239. Work on carriageways and grass areas at the Upper Queen Street estate was ordered from Thomas Roberts (Westminster), Ltd., Wellingborough, at £4,554.

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