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Rushden Echo, 15th August 1902, transcribed by Greville Watson
Animated Pictures at Rushden

On Monday evening two exhibitions of a most successful character were given in the Public Hall, Rushden. Mr S Powell MRPS, has recently purchased one of the latest and most improved New Century animatograph machines – in fact, the seventh produced this year by the leading firm – and had made arrangements for reproducing pictures representing the principal events of the Coronation. Other series of animated photographs had been secured, and an exhibition arranged full of interest and variety. Two entertainments were given on Monday evening, and good audiences assembled on each occasion, the hall being nearly full at the first performance, and at the second the reserved seats and gallery being again nicely filled. In addition to the animated pictures, Mr Powell introduced between each series scenes of various kinds, and by means of his bi-unial lantern introduced most pleasing effects. Throughout the entertainment selections of music were given by an orchestra under the leadership of Mr Walter Sargent. For over an hour on each occasion the attention of the large audiences was riveted on the succession of scenes, continual applause testifying to the pleasure of the audiences. The performance opened with a charming seascape, the pretty effect introduced being heartily applauded. The diving operations of a company of Royal Engineers in the recovery of treasure were then graphically depicted, a most realistic representation of the descent of the divers and their operations beneath the water being given. Following a striking effect in connection with a picture of Nelson’s battleship came a humorous scene depicting an artist making sketches, which immediately became full of life. Great merriment was caused by the representation. Effects upon a scene at Singapore were followed by a moving panorama of Cowes, the life and movement of the people on shore, the sea, and the boats passing and repassing had been well reproduced. Much laughter was also provoked by a series representing the movements of a young man sitting down to enjoy his soup, followed by the discovery of a hair in the food. The representations of the thanksgiving procession and the Coronation review at Aldershot proved to be a series of splendid photographs, giving graphic details of the scenes presented; whilst most striking effects were introduced into the pictorial representations of a “Mediaeval Mystery,” including the machinations of a witch and the interposition of a good fairy. Still further humour was caused by the intrepid attempts of a number of young ladies to mount a brother’s “bike,” and by the life-like presentation of a game of leap frog. The series representing the Coronation procession of Saturday last proved to be the  most realistic, introducing the various types of troops taking part, the passing of the Royal coach (which drew forth hearty applause), and the movements of Lord Roberts, Lord Kitchener, and other generals. The entertainment concluded with capital portraits of the Princess of Wales, the Prince of Wales, Queen Alexandra, and the King, each being heartily applauded, and a verse of the National Anthem honouring the appearance of the last-named. As the company left the hall expressions of appreciation were heard on every hand, the whole performance being given with scarcely a hitch of any kind.

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