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Rushden Echo, 27th March 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins
Messrs. Cave and Sons’ Choristers
Make Their Debut at Rushden
Factory Choir Concert

Cave's Choir - this picture came to us in 2018, with a caption telling us it was taken outside The Shrubbery, home of Paul Cave (centre front), Mr Fairey, organist (to his left) and William Skinner, choir conductor (right).

A very successful first appearance was made by Messrs. Cave and Sons’ factory choir at the B.W.T.A. Hall, Rushden, on Saturday evening. Mr. T. Surridge presided over a crowded audience, and was supported by Mr. Paul Cave and others.

The Chairman explained that the concert was one of a series of gatherings arranged in connection with the B.W.T.A., and said he was pleased to see such a large audience on that first public appearance of the factory choir. Mr. Paul Cave, the choir president, was taking great interest in that organisation, and had fitted up for them a good room at the factory. Mr. W. Skinner was their conductor, and the choir had entered for the contest at Northampton in May.

An excellent programme was provided and the choir acquitted themselves in a manner which reflected the greatest credit on their able and painstaking conductor. The following items were included:- Sing ye Jehovah’s praises, choir; solo, The holy friar, Mr. Skinner; The storm-king’s voice, choir; solo, Flight of ages, Mr. Knight; bone sole, Mr. Maurice Keys; Merrily glides the boat, choir; recitation, Sally Salter, Miss L. Baker; solo, Dear home songs, Mrs. Hodgskins; test piece, Awake, sweet love choir; solo, Join our merry, merry throng this day, choir; solo, Queen of the earth, Mr. M. Keys; When the wind blows, choir; solo, Three for Jack, Mr. George Farey; solo, The old wooden rocker, Violet Groome; test piece, Come live with me, choir; solo, Down the vale, Mr. Knight; quartets, The soldier’s farewell, Messrs. Swingler, Sanders, Noble, and Tye; Gently evening bendeth, choir.

Mrs. Jaques, president of the B.W.T.A., taking advantage of an interval in the programme, heartily thanked the choir and all who had assisted the B.W.T.A. during the season. She said they had been very successful so far as finances were concerned, and the entertainments had realised £16 towards the debt on that building. (Applause.) That night they had been greatly honoured by having Messrs. Cave’s choir for their first public appearance. (Applause.) She thought it would not be a bad thing if all factories in the town followed their example. (Hear, hear.) She hoped that when they went to Northampton they would secure the first prize and that when they return with it they would have such a reception as they used to give the Temperance Band and Football Clubs in the days of old when they came back with their trophies. (Applause.)

Mr. Paul Cave, responding on behalf of the choir, said they were very glad to be able to assist the British Women, and to help their Saturday night concerts to be a success. He congratulated the association on the possession of such a beautiful hall. (Applause.)

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