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St Mary's Football Club

1900-01 team
1900-01 St Mary’s Church Football Club

The team played on the paddock behind the Rectory, and a large tree on the boundary was sometimes used to rebound the ball into play. It was referred to by some as the “12th man”.

Back row: S T Pitts, A L Tarry, G Watts, H Perkins, J Willmott, Rev J Forrest

Middle row: Rev W Morse, C Woods, F Clarke, J Wooding, Rev H R Fry

Front: H Minney, W Waller, W Baker, E Richardson, P Panter

pre WWI
This has come to us marked: Taken Corner of Coffee Tavern Lane/Rectory Road Church Rooms. 1911? Another hand has written Rev Brailey 1913-1916.

Horace Sheffield, Frank Chettle, Burgess, Russey (known as Blotch), Hodgkins,
Fred tear (goalkeeper), ? Fred Robinson, ? , ?, Fred Mason.

Bailey, Goodliff, W Smith, Curate?, Sid Smith, Charly Jaques, Jack Palmer,
Cecil Peacock, “Sonny” Knight.

Juniors 1920-21
St Mary's Juniors 1920-21

l-r: H Jones, F Norris, O Clayson, F Harris, G Bazeley

C Okins, S Percival, W Denton, H E Packwood, T Dixon

St Mary’s F C 1924

The captions is written: F Allen, E Ekins, G Bazeley, S Hodgkin,
F Brown, H Jones, S Wright, N Barnwell, S Bailey, F Wheeler, E Lake, H E Lewis (sec), T Yorke, R Craddock.
R H Hanson (curate), P Robson (rector)
Several of the names are also in the Marriott's cricket team 1929

St Mary's FC 1925
Front row right is Bernard Thomas Langdon (1911-1976) who later became a sportsmaster
and far left is Ralph Jolley
Seated: Rev. Stoney (left) and Walter Knight (right)

From an unidentified newsclip - dated 29.2.1936
St Mary's 1935-6 team
Rushden St Mary’s F.C., who play in the Wellingborough Sunday Schools’ League

Standing (l-r): The Rev J Rowell, E Cooper (trainer), W Bollard, J Bland, R L Lyne, A Penness (hon.sec.), R Jolley and the Rev Travers S Stoney (Rector).

Seated (l-r): G Watson, P Knight, V Richardson (capt.), F Bird, R Parker, S Denton and C Parker. Kneeling: R G Langdon and R Brown.

St Mary's 2nd XI 1936-37
St Mary’s FC 2nd XI 1936-37
Back row: R Corby (trainer), W Bass, R Geary, Rev J Rowell, R Farrington, C Parker (assistant secretary), D Percival, S Scarlet, ? Cooper (linesman)
Middle row: S Dickens, F Chettle, G Watson, L Rootham (captain), C Richardson, H Green
Front: S Roberts and L Pendered

l-r back: John Boddington, Albert Knight, Dick Ambridge, Bob Frankham, Keith Vaughan, Keith Nutter, Barrie Collins,
Derrick Elsigood, Rev. Edwin Green, Ralph Jolley.
l-r front: Gordon Bradshaw, Brian Neville, Jimmy Hill, Brian "Kidder" Martin, John Whittington.
League Winners Under 18's

l-r Back: Barrie Colllins, Les King, Rev. Boatwright, Keith Vaughan, John Whittington, Keith Nutter, Don King,
Bob Frankham, Mr Perch, Rev. Green, Ralph Jolley.
Front: Gordon Bradshaw, B. Hardwick, David Roberts, Dick Ambridge, Brian Neville, Sid Hart, Derrick Elsigood.
Over 18's "Crusaders" at the back & under 18's in front
Back Row, Peter Dilley, Ken Brawn, Les King, Jim Hill, Ron Pettit, John Martin.
2nd Row, Mat Chambers, Dererk Coles, Canon Green, Fred Croot, Don King, Ron Chettle, Phillip Childs, Barrie Collins, Brian Neville, Albert Knight, J Ager, Ralph Jolley.
3rd Row: - -, David Ballard, David James, Ron Holmes, 'China' Holmes, Brian Tew, John Boddington, Derek Elsigood,
Sid Hart, Brian Norman.

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