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The Town Band - 25 years
News and Notes

Rushden Town Silver Prize Band 1925

outside Rushden Hall, home of their President. A second copy of this photo appeared in the Northampton Independant Magazine, with F Robinson (front) with his instrument turned round!

Back: J Craker, club president, W Bettles, band treasurer, A Jones, J Martin, solo trombone,
G Hurst, W Tear, C Keyes, W Bates
Middle row: C Shrives, club trustee, E Austin, club secretary, J Flowers, P Pack, H Hartwell,
A H Sartoris Esq, band president, W Whitworth, A West, F Dickenson, solo horn,
H Peacock, solo baritone, P Simmons
Front row: G Drage, A W Neville, solo euphonium, D Neville, sopranco, C Neville, E E Whitworth,
C H Baker, conductor, M J Roberts, R Smith, E Spencer, J A Panter band secretary, E Cross
Front: F Robinson and R Wiggins

Rushden Echo, 4th December 1925, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Rushden Town Silver Band
A Quarter-of-a-Century’s Progress
A Well-Deserved Success

The members and supporters of the Rushden Town Silver Prize Band have every reason to be pleased with the progress made by the combination during its quarter-of-a-century’s existence, especially considering that so large a part of that period was spent under the cloud of the Great War. The band’s 25th anniversary was celebrated. Proceeding commenced with a meat tea, arranged by the club committee, with the assistance of a number of ladies. Mr. A. H. Sartoris, J.P., C.C. (president of the band), occupied the chair, and there was a large company of bandsmen and their guests. The tables were beautified with many choice flowers—real and artificial, the latter made by disabled ex-Servicemen. At the outset the whole company rose in respectful silence in memory of the late Queen Alexandra and of the members of the band who fell in the war.

After the loyal toast, submitted by the Chairman, Mr. C. H. Baker, proposed “The President and Vice-Presidents,” observing that Mr. Sartoris was kind enough to take over the presidential duties on the death of Mr. C. Ray Claridge. At all times Mr. Sartoris had been willing to assist them financially and in other ways. He had kindly allowed them the use of his grounds at various times, and the bandsmen hoped he would fill the position of president for many years to come. (Applause)

The Chairman, in response, congratulated the band upon completing its first quarter-of-a-century, and suggested they should inaugurate the second quarter-of-a-century by holding a band contest in the Hall grounds. (Applause) He had heard rumours of a previous contest some years ago, and he was sorry he was not present then. Mrs. Sartoris and he would welcome the band most thoroughly—and he hoped the Rushden Town Band would sin. (Applause)

In submitting the toast of “The Rushden Town Band,” Mr. W. S. Robinson, a pioneer of the band, said that the progress of the organisation since it was started in a little old shop seemed miraculous.

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