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Agricultural Show 1932
near the entrance
Rushden Echo & Argus, 20th May

The double arch bridging Kimbolton-road and the Hayway, a short distance from the showground entrance. This road junction was the key point for all Show traffic.

The banner left reads - ..... to Agriculture and the right – God Speed the Plough.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 6th May 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

Agricultural Show at Rushden
“Echo and Argus” Special Supplement Next Week
Interesting Topics to be Discussed
Next week’s issue of the “Echo and Argus” will be enlarged to sixteen pages to include a special supplement in connection with the County Agricultural Show, which is to be held in a field on the Kimbolton-road, Rushden, on Whit-Thursday, May 19th.

This supplement will contain full particulars of all the Show arrangements, especially those made by local committees for the decoration of the town, entertainments at the ground, etc., while special articles will be included on subjects of interest in connection with the event.

This year the Show has a special interest as it is the last time it will be held at Rushden, or, indeed, move to various places year after year. The Society have acquired a permanent home at Kettering, where all future Shows will be held.

Show Arrangements
Arrangements for the Show are now fast approaching completion. The three committees of the General Show Committee appointed at the meeting held after the February meeting of the Rushden Urban Council, Finance, Decorations, and Entertainments Committees have been busy in their efforts to see that a real welcome is accorded to the Society on the occasion.

Rushden has been noted for the enthusiasm with which arrangements have been made when the Show has been held in the town in former years and there is naturally an endeavour to maintain that high standard.

See next week’s “Echo and Argus” for details of all arrangements for the Show.

No Royal Visitor
One thing is practically certain. There will be no Royal visitor to the Show this year. The 1927 Show at Rushden was notable, of course, for the visit of Prince Henry, but it has been found, we understand, impossible for any of the Princes to attend on this occasion. This is to be regretted for a Royal visit adds one hundredfold to the attraction of any event, the Show included.

Horse and a foal bull
Shire horse
These photographs have been copied from a photograph album kept by amateur photographer,
Mr Reg Glenn. They are captioned "Rushden Agricultural Show
May 19th 1932".

Rushden Echo & Argus, 20th May 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

Northamptonshire Agricultural Show at Rushden : The Last Visit
Warm Welcome to the Society by Local People
Varied Attractions at the Show Ground

The annual show of the Northamptonshire Agricultural Society was held at Rushden yesterday—in a field situated on the Kimbolton-road—for the fourth time since the inception of the Society, well back in the last century.

Particular interest was attached to the Show this year, however, as this was the last occasion before the Society settles down at its permanent home at Kettering, where a show ground has been acquired.

Unfortunately there was no Royal visitor this year (it will be remembered that Prince Henry favoured the town and Society with a visit in 1927, when the Show was last held in Rushden), and further, the President of the Society, Mr. Victor Emmanuel, found it impossible to return from the United States to be present.

The excellent work of the local officials was described fully in our special Show Supplement last week, and further reference is made in our report below. [not transcribed]

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