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Alfred Street School - Wolf Cubs
6th Rushden Cubs

1949 Alfred Street Cubs
Pete Windram has come up with most of the names for us:
Back row: Pete Swords, Tony Woodward, ?.
4th row: Jimmy Cowper, David Luck, Peter Finch, Roger Martin, Mick Garley
3rd row: Gordon Summerfield, David Bayes, Pete Windram, Michael Bailey
2nd row: - Wills, ?, ?.
Front row: Graham Drage, Keith Horn, Alan Linger
The lads are facing the scout hut; the Sidney Brook running in front of them. The building behind is one of Skinners' farm outbuildings.

c1957 taken in the school yard
Leaders: Susan Glenn and Jean Bates
Back row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Derek Morton, ?, ?, Andrew Wilmott
Middle row: ?, Barry Morton, ?, Keith Peake, Peter Lane, ?, Andrew Colson
Front row: ?, ?, Rob Bates, ?, ?, ?

Rushden Echo & Argus, 5th November 1954, transcribed by Kay Collins

Wolf Cubs' flag dedicated
The flag of Rushden Alfred Street School Wolf Cubs was dedicated by the Rev. I. E. Douglas-Jones at a service in the school on Tuesday morning.

The pack, under their leaders Susan Glenn and Jean Bates, have recently become regular churchgoers, parading once a month with St. Mary’s Cubs.

The Cubmaster was called   Akela
The Assistant leaders were   Kaa
A diagram of the Wolf Cub Uniform
Wolf Cub Uniform

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