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The Rushden Echo & Argus, 1st December 1939, transcribed by Gill Hollis.
New Concert and Dance Hall at the Town Band Club

Club Rebuilt

Work has now been completed on the rebuilt Rushden Town Band Club, which is to be officially reopened to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon.

At the end of May operations began which have transformed the Manton-road building into an almost entirely new establishment, every part of the premises with the exception of the rear wall having been altered.

It is evident from a glance at the front of the building that the club is now far more roomy. Inside, the same fact is apparent, especially as far as the hall on the first floor is concerned. Formerly this hall was L-shaped, thus making it impossible to hold successful dances or concerts; now it is of the orthodox rectangular shape and has been fitted with a low stage. About three hundred persons can be accommodated there.

The first-floor bar is similar to that on the ground floor, and in future all beers will be drawn from an impressive array of stainless steel pipes instead of from the wood as previously.

Extra Height

The building’s height has been increased by four feet, giving two feet of extra height on each floor. Electric fans will draw away smoke and other fumes. The interior decoration is in cream and green. The doorway has been widened, and on entering the club visitors will pass through a small vestibule. This will overcome many draughts, and central heating will ensure evenly-distributed warmth.

Flooring has been altered, and a maple floor has been laid in the upper hall with a view to holding dances there. This was not possible before, as rough boards added to the difficulties already brought about by the unusual shape of the hall. Granwood floors have been laid in the bars and skittle room.

The club has remained open during the period of renovation, and membership has actually increased by about 50 during this period. Carpenters’ tools and bare bricks do not seem to have affected the attendance in any way.

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