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Rushden Echo, Friday July 8, 1898 transcribed Sue Manton
Higham and Rushden Band of Hope Union

Trip to Skegness

The 17th annual excursion run by the officials of this Union took place on Monday, last, Skegness being the place selected this year. Arrangements were made with the Midland Railway Company, who ran a special train, the Band of Hope Union guaranteeing to sell 300 tickets. The number booking from Higham Ferrers was 110 and from Rushden there were 296 passengers, young and old, in addition to which there were a fair number of excursionists from Wellingborough and Kettering, so that the guarantee was fully covered. At one time the Irthlingborough band of hope joined in these annual excursions, which were in those days the most important trips of the year from that district. This, however, was before the opening of the Midland branch line when the trips were made on the London and North Western Railway. Now that the Rushden and Higham folk made their excursions on the Midland Railway the Irthlingborough Sunday Schools run a separate trip of their own.

Skegness is by no means the most popular resort with the people of Higham and Rushden and this coupled with the fact that so many other trips are being run just now, resulted in the number of passengers smaller than usual. This was the first occasion on which one train has sufficed the trippers, but, considering all things, the Band of Hope officials have reason to be gratified with the success which attended the efforts. Last year, it will be remembered, when Clacton-on-Sea was chosen, there was no excursion owing to the railway arrangements proving unsatisfactory.

These Band of Hope trips have served a useful purpose. Up to 17 years ago, when the first one was run, there were comparatively few people in Rushden and Higham Ferrers who had ever seen the sea, whereas now there is scarcely a child in either town that has not had at least one day at the seaside.

On Monday the train was timed to start from Higham Ferrers at 5.20a.m. and from Rushden at 5.25 and these times were kept to pretty punctually. Among those who accompanied the party were Mr. S. Pack (president of the union) Mr. F. Vorley) vice-president) and Mr. B. Vorley (secretary), who have journeyed with each of the 17 trips run by the Union.

The route this year was by way of Leicester and Nottingham, in order to introduce a change of scenery, and Skegness was safely reached at 10.30. On the safe arrival of the train Mr. B. Vorley sent telegrams to this effect to Higham and Rushden so that the parents of the children might be relived of all anxiety with regard to the safety of their offspring. Ten other excursions were run to Skegness that day, and there were a fair number of visitors. The weather in the morning was bitterly cold, a high wind prevailing, but towards mid-day a very satisfactory change was observable in the climatic conditions. The various amusements at Skegness were well patronised and the young teetotallers thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The day passed over without an accident of any kind and the return journey which was commenced at 6.40pm was safely completed shortly after 11.30pm. Sincere thanks are due to the local Band of Hope officials for the excellent arrangements made for the comfort of the juvenile travellers.

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