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Carnival Gallery
A few of the pictures we have collected

If you have any information about the people or the companies, we'd be please to hear from you.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake - outside Spencer Park - year unknown
We have some names: Pam Maddams, ?.
Pat Garley, Sylvia Payne, Diane Cross
Madge Pinnock, ?,
Jenny King, ?, - Brightwell
This comes with a caption "Sanders Float - Willow Pattern" possibly 1936 in W'boro Road
Margaret Short is 4th from the left
Long haydens float
Long Haydens carnival float advertising Hodges for Camping Equipment
Peace day 1919
Peace Day 1919
Co-op Parade in the 1920s
Co-op Parade in the 1920s
Co-op Parade in the 1920s
Co-op Parade in the 1920s
The caption on this picture is "Our parade in Rushden July 19th 1927"
Unknown group but entry No. 71
a mid 1920s carnival
Mid 1920s

The Hand Sewn Section - which company?
Girls and hats

Mods & Rockers
1959 or 1960
Chapman's Factory Float
"Mods and Rockers"

June 1960 "Beat the Clock"

Puppet on a string
"Puppet on a string" - Calor Gas in 1967

left to right: Keith Brearley, Barbara Watts, ?, ?, Stuart Wilby,
?, ?, Pauline Longland, ? ,Jim Meager

The float was designed and put together, including costumes, by the marketing department at HO in Slough. The trailer was taken out of commercial use for the whole of the Carnival season. All the local
Carnivals were entered Rushden, Higham, Irthlingborough,
Raunds, Wellingborough, Kettering, and Northampton
which used to be held on a Thursday evening.

Calor Gas in 1968 - "Old Time Musical"
left to right: Keith Brealey, Vivian Fox, ?, ?, Stuart Wilby,
Maureen? Morris, ?, ?, ?, ?, Cathy Smith, ?, ?, ?, Isobel Denton

Wollaston Jazz Band 1968
Wollaston Jazz Band in Rushden High Street - 1968 Carnival
1968 Carnival
A Stage Coach passing the same place

A 1970s Carnival - The Rushden Windmill Band coming from
Station Road into Wellingborough Road

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