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Football Teams
In some cases we have a caption, others just the ball or cup in the picture.

We have no other information about some of these clubs. If you can help please contact us.

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1890s team but who?
This early picture from the 1890s has a caption but no team name. Please can you help?

Back row: S Adams, C Atfield, E Knight (Umpire), C Nevil, G Adams.
Midlle row: S Shrives, F Tear, W Dudley (Captain), W Groome (V-captain), J Dickens
Front: C Jaques & W Dunkley
Photo by S Powell, Ferndale Studio, Rushden — Courtesy of Rushden Museum.

Unknown Team c1900

Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
Unknown Team of Boys

Rushden Working Men's Club Football Team
c1920 - Albert Minney front centre.

Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
Unknown Team

Baptist Church - Football Team 1919-20 outside the Church
Unknown team 1928-29
Rushden & District League Fixture 1940
Eastfield High School Playing Field, Victoria Road, Rushden.
Rushden Intermediate Old Boys v. Rushden Juniors
(Result: 0 - 1)
Back Row: F.Farrington, C.Timpson, D.Bayes, G.Sail, D.Loakes, E.Butler, D.Nicholson
Middle Row: B.Bayes, J.Skeeles, D.Britchford, B.Roddis, D.Hart, D.Green, D.George, J.Sherwood, P.Miles, J.Murdin
Front Row: H.Jacques, R.Ingram, P.Beaumont, A.Dickens, L.Pendered

Rushden Intermediate Old Boys 1940
Back Row: F.Farrington, B.Bayes, D.Loakes, D.George, J.Sherwood, D.Nicholson
Front Row: D.Hart, G.Sail, R.Ingram, A.Dickens, D.Britchford

Inter Works Cup 1912-13

1923 - Hayden Road
Backrow: J Hancock, L Chambers, G Roper, H Walker (Goal), N Grendon, J Lilley (Manager)
Front row: C Freeman (Secretary), W Dickens, J Emery, S Mableson, Bowie Lambert, J Birch, Benny Cox, W Burnaud.

Rushden Town 1934-5
Champions of the United Counties League - Wellingborough & District League & Northants Senior Cup
Rushden Old Amateurs v New Amateurs December 1961 at Spencer Park

Back Row: Barry Stringer, Brian Neville, Gordon Bradshaw, - - , - Linger, Keith Nutter, Bob Markham, - - , Barrie Collins,
- Britchford, - -.
2nd Row: Hubert Dickens, Don Nicholson, Geoff Hanger, Steve Howe, Don Green, Vic Maddams, George Sail, Geoff Gray, Brian Rooksby, Bert Catlin, Sam Denton, David Fuller, Denis Maddams, Bill Noble.
Front Row: Les Pendred, John Wardle, George Wardle.

Written on the back of this photograph is:

Players & Officials of Rushden Minor Football League

Brought together at Rushden on Wednesday for second coaching lesson by Mr Eric Tomkins – a coach for Northamptonshire.

Standing at rear: [left] D.Nicholson (R.I.O.B.), [3rd from left] R.Ingram (R.I.O.B.), [4th from left] C.Timpson (R.I.O.B.)
Standing: [left] Mr.H.V.Ingram (Hon.Sec., R&D Minor League), [3rd from left] Eric (Wazzy) Tomkins (N.F.A. Coach)
[right] possibly Mr.Gotch (Wellingborough 5th B.B.), [2nd from right] Mr.W.Gardhay (teacher, Rushden Intermediate)
Seated: [3rd from left] G.Luther (Rushden Stars), [right] D.Maddams (R.I.O.B.)
On floor: [2nd from right] D.George (R.I.O.B.)

We have no information about this team - but the photo right shows the cup.
If you can identify cup, team or any player we'd be pleased to know.

post office team c1946
Post Office Football Team c1946

Back row l-r: Sydney Stocker, ?, Robert davidson, ?, ?, ?, ?

Front: centre Bill Burt

If you can help with information about these clubs, please contact us.

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