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Girls' Choir

The Girls' Choir was conducted by Mr Eric Hardwick, and Joan Hart was their accompanist.
When they became more established they had a blue uniform.

an early picture
girl's choir in uniform
Girls’ Choir 1950s

Back row: Joan Desborough, ?, Sylvia Oakes, ?, Monica Bass, Joyce Cooper, Joan Hart, Eric Hardwick, Jena Ellis, ?, Thelma Ramsden, ?, ?, Rita Cockings, ?, Margaret Furness.

Middle row: Joan Ellis, Stella Warner, ?, ?, Molly Hinde, ?, Joyce Neville, Pat Mayes, ?, Kathleen --, Gillian Eady, ?, Josie Welsford.

Front row: Pat Smith, Margaret Turner, Pat Hart, Jan --, Irene Warhurst, Cicely Langley, Margaret Cook, Irene Turner, ?, Lois Minney, Margaret Drage.

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