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Hall Park
during refurbishment East side of the Hall
The steps at the end of the terrace remain
but the terrace was replaced in the 1970s
The Hall - note the benches and the stone steps now removed
Photo by Vic Childs

1940s Jim Flanders with his tricycle in the Park - right seating round the Bandstand

1954 John Collins in a similar place
near the bandstand

Boys at the drinking fountain A new planter
The drinking fountain c1950s and a new planter where it once stood as part of the town's 2009 refurbishment

drinking fountain
The drinking fountain and footpath to the Hall Avenue gates

door to the walled garden
An old door into the walled garden
The Avenue
A Postcard of The Avenue looking
towards the Hall & Church beyond

1957/8 in their Sunday best!
In the 1950s people would walk to the park for a leisurely stroll around the grounds.
This group of youths from Rushden and Irchester in about 1957/58 are in their Sunday best!

Back row: Pete Trott, Tim Dickens, Alan Fowler, Keith Chester
Front row: Paul Drage, Dick Smith, John Nunley, Ken Smithson, Malcolm Watts?.

dabbling in the brook
Dabbling in the Brook are (left to right) Mick Smith, Robb Bass, Pete Wright, Keith Shearer and Terry Harper

 Photos by Peggy Stanway, 1960s
in the snow 1962/3 1960s
In the snow 1962/3
and in summer in the 1960s

The Old Paved Garden
The Old Paved Garden - a postcard
the hall in the snow 1981
The hall and park in the snow in 1981 - by Robert Clark

Hall Park sign
William Wood (left), Clive's grandfather, made this sign and
Clive did the signwriting, and they donated it to the Council for
Rushden Hall Park.

 Hall Park refurbishment 2013
Rose Arbour The completed Arbour
A Rose Arbour - part of the 2013 refurbishment to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee awaits planting
On a blustery October day, Clive Wood (centre) declares the Rose Arbour 'open' in Hall Park
Rushden Town Council decided to refurbish the old bandstand base, with a Rose Arbour, in commemoration of Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Town Band
Town Band playing inside the Hall due to the inclement weather Photo by Kathy Main
Despite recovering from a recent major operation, Councillor Clive Wood had completed the gold leaf work to the crown atop the Rose Arbour, and was invited to perform the ceremony. He said: "On the 31st October 1997 the very attractive Bandstand that stood on this site was burnt to the ground by persons unknown, though it was thought to have been by children as young as eleven. I think it should be said that it had not always been as well maintained as it might have been, the perimeter seating was not good even in the nineteen fifties, later the weather screens were removed and when it was decided to cover the roof with copper the weather vane seemed a little insecure and was also removed for safety.

"What was destroyed by the fire was a unique piece of architecture, designed by Professor Albert Richardson, built mainly in English Oak by Robert Marriott and generously paid for and presented to the town by John White, a very well known and important Shoe Manufacturer. Opened on the 16th May 1936 apparently the event was planned for the year before to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of George V so it seems very appropriate to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Olympics with this new creation."

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