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John White - Outings

John White's Footwear Ltd - Staff Outings
1921 (1st staff outing) charabancs for a picnic
1923 charabancs To Leamington
2nd June 1934
To Brighton
10th May 1947 buses Special Visit to the British Industries Fair. Afterwards to the Aldephi or His Majesty's Theatre for a show.
13th September 1947 Children's Outing
c1950 [extract from memories]
The train had a big boot on the engine, and left the station at Little Irchester. On the way everyone was given a packed lunch for the journey, and they also had a ticket to get a tea, and Mum and Dad went to Lyon's Corner House, and then went to a Theatre in Drury Lane to see "South Pacific".
1951 - 2600 people 86 buses Festival of Britain
c1954 4 trains

Menu card the menu
July 1950 Children's Outing to Wicksteed Park and the Luncheon Menu

John White's Children's Outing 1947

If you have information or memories of any outings, please contact us.

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