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Lacemaking began as an industry but today is followed as a leisure craft.

This photograph shows three types of pillows and stands. Note the beautiful collar the lady has on her dress. If you know who the ladies are, we'd be grateful to hear from you, via the 'contact us' button at the foot of the page.

Extract from Wymington - village study - people:
Pillow lace making was a thriving cottage industry in the village until the early 1900s. A group of women used to meet in one house, the home of Mrs. Hill, the stonemason's wife. They met, not only for social reasons, but for the sake of economy. An oil lamp was placed in the centre of the table, and each worker had before her a carafe of water which focussed the beam from the lamp onto her parchment pattern so that she could pick out the intricate patterns more clearly. The making of this typical Bedfordshire lace died out as fashions changed, but interest in it was revived when a weekly class was organised through the County Council's Further Education scheme in 1968.

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