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We have no information but it came with the next three pictures.

Another indentified cricket team

Clacton 1929

On the back : Clacton 1929 - The names are laid out:

T Yorke, R Percival, F Jones, H Whitworth, R Britten, R Miller, H Jacobs,
G Woollard, W Ballard, H Brown (back row)

H Holyoak, T ???, A Jones, ???, Ben Ballard

R Mitchell, H Scroxton, ? Norris, L Lyne, ? Jones, S Wright

C Cox, S Bailey

In the picture below 3 are holding tennis rackets, but most names are in the
above, so perhaps just having a knock about between matches?
It looks as if they are camping, and transported there by Scroxton's - who also delivered the scouts for several of their camping trips?
Clacton - August 1929

? Norris, Ray Britten, Eric Percival, Ted Wollard, Bob Mitchell, Syd Wright,
Hugh Whitworth.

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