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Rushden Sports Ltd.

The Rushden Argus May 20th 1921, transcribed by Susan Manton

Mr & Mrs A H Sartoris, who presented the prizes, together with
the officers and committee of the sports.

Ideal weather—very pleasant, but not too hot—attended the first amateur meeting, held on the Town Ground, Rushden, on Tuesday afternoon, and over 2,500 spectators watched a series of fine athletics.

A special committee in connection with the Town Sport Club had the arrangements in hand, and the proceeds of the sports were for the Amateur Sports Co. Ltd. All the money for the prizes had been raised by subscription, so that practically the whole of the day’s takings went to the Town Club.

The capital programme consisted of five running races, and three cycle races, and each was contested with an obviously admirable spirit and great keenness. There was scarcely a hitch through the whole afternoon, though the start was made a matter of an hour late........ [part of a longer article]

Rushden Echo, 1st December 1922, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Sportsmen’s Meeting - A Shield for Factory Cricket Teams
Last night the annual general meeting of Rushden Sports Ltd., was held in the large room of the Athletic Club, Rushden, Mr C W Horrell, C.A., chairman of the directors, presiding, supported by Messrs C Claridge, F L Heygtae, E Wadsworth, G Denton, jun. (secretary), J S Denton, R Marriott, J Tomlin, and W G Wilmott (directors), Mr L G Roberts (auditor), and (acting for Mr G Denton, jun.) Mr J Perkins (assistant secretary). There was a fair attendance of shareholders. [part of a long article]

Rushden Echo, 23rd March 1923

Rushden Town Sports Club

Applications are invited from

Tennis Clubs and Prospective Tennis Clubs

For the use of the Additional Courts

To be laid out on the Town Ground during the coming season.

Applications to be addressed to the Secretary,

George Denton, Jun.,
c/o B Denton and Son Ltd.

Not later than April 20th.

Rushden Echo, 21st January 1927, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Muddy Walk at Rushden - Name Wanted for the Football Ground
Meeting of Rushden Sports Ltd.

At the annual meeting of Rushden Sports Ltd., held last night in the B.W.T.A. Hall, Mr Josiah George presided, supported by Messrs A Abbott, E Wadsworth, J S Denton, W Packwood, jun., W J Neville, and E Pack (directors), and the assistant secretary (Mr H J Perkins).

The balance-sheet showed a loss on the year’s working of £165 17s.

Mr George said that they were clearing off the grandstand account into the general account owing to the handsome reduction by the builder, Mr Marriott. (Applause) The cricket section had been asked to manage its own affairs, and he saw no reason why they should not get rid of their debts.

The balance-sheet was adopted as presented.

Messrs A Abbott, F J Sharwood, T F B Newberry, E Pack, R Denton, and Horace Knight, the retiring directors, were re-elected en bloc.

Mr L G Roberts was reappointed auditor with best thanks.

The Football Committee

On the question of the directors carrying on the finances of the football club, Mr George said the directors were quite willing to carry on. This was agreed to, with the addition that the directors should keep an eye open for anybody keen and willing to help.

The Overdraft

Mr George said the overdraft at the bank was considerable. They had to make £100 out of the football to start clear, and they ought to be able to get up something in the summer months to increase the share capital, get the overdraft down, cut the expenses down, and carry on with needed improvements. He appealed to every shareholder to try to get more money in. He intended to move a resolution to that effect at the next meeting of the directors.

A suggestion was made that the ground should have a name. “The Rock” and “The Overdraft” were suggested, amidst laughter, and one said “The Muddy Walk” would not hurt.

In the absence of a more concrete proposal Mr George declared the meeting closed.

Evening Telegraph, 25th July 1964, transcribed by Kay Collins

Nine at Meeting of shareholders
Nine people attended last night’s annual meeting of Rushden Sports Ltd. shareholders, held at BWTA Hall, Newton Road. There were five directors, two company officials and two shareholders present.

“This is what happens every year,” said the chairman of the company, Mr J S Denton. “What we want is a lot of young enthusiastic people, not only as shareholders but directors as well.”

Although a limited company and registered with the Board of Trade, Rushden Sports Ltd. is a little unusual in that shareholders do not receive a dividend. The reason is that the company’s profits never warrant a dividend.

The company secretary, Mr A J Bradshaw, explained how the company came into being. He said several years ago the late Mr A H Sartoris gave what is now the cricket ground to the town to further the interests of sport.

The ground was administered by a board of trustees. Mr Denton is now the sole surviving trustee.

In 1920 Rushden Sports Ltd. was formed and later bought the present football ground and erected the grandstand.

Today the company does little in the way of administration. The football and cricket clubs are given free rein.

The football and cricket clubs pay a yearly rent of £100 and £50 respectively to the company. This is practically the company’s only source of income.

Bank Charges
Out of that the company pays tax, rates, bank charges etc. The net gain on the revenue account this year amounted to £33.

Directors re-elected were Messrs Denton, R W F Paragreen, C Freeman, F H Ambridge, D Nicholson, R E Nicholson, B Gramshaw and J E Osborne—the last three directors did not attend.

The re-election of Mr Bradshaw as secretary and Messrs F Roberts and Co. as auditors were confirmed.

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